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Paper Tape
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[SOLVED] L580 20LW + Dock 40AJ0135 = boot stops at McAfee Drive Encryption login


We have recently bought several L580, Model 20LW000YGE and Ultra Docks 40AJ0135. We are using McAfee Drive Encryption I have upgraded the L580s to the current BIOS (1.21). OS is Windows 10 build 1803. Secure Boot, Optimized defaults are disabled and boot mode is set to both (Legacy first).

We are now experiencing two different problems with three machines and their docks. We haven't validated this for other laptops or docks.

Machine #1 will not boot to McAfee Drive Encryption Auth if it is docked. If machine #1 is docked, it will stop booting after showing the Lenovo splash screen. If you boot this machine to McAfee DE Auth and then insert it into the dock, it will freeze and not allow any interaction anymore except a powercycle. However, if you boot this machine into Windows you can dock or undock it to your hearts content and everything will be fine.

Machines #2 and #3 will boot past McAfee DE into Windows without problems IF it is powered on while docked. It will however freeze if you change docking status during McAfee DE Auth phase, OR if a USB-keyboard is connected, e.g. the Lenovo FRU 00XH702. It also freezes with a different keyboard (Logitech K120) attached. It makes no difference if you connect the keyboard to the dock or directly to the laptops USB. Note that other USB devices don't cause any problems, only keyboards.

Swapping docks makes no difference, the error stays the same for each machine. The machines with keyboard problems still have them with the dock of the machine that can not even boot without keyboards, and this machine still won't boot even if the dock with the keyboard problems is attached.

Everything goes smooth as long as no drive encryption is installed on the client, but it's company policy that we have to.

During a support call with Lenovo the agent told us that our dock is not in the compatibility list for L580, this however seems to be false.


We will also open a ticket with McAfee, but if anyone else had similar problems or knows of a fix your input is greatly appreciated.


Paper Tape
Posts: 3
Registered: ‎07-24-2018
Location: DE
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Re: [SOLVED] L580 20LW + Dock 40AJ0135 = boot stops at McAfee Drive Encryption login

Alright, we found the solution through trial and error.


If you disable USB UEFI BIOS Support under Config --> USB, at least the latter problem (no boot with USB keyboard attached) is gone. So far we haven't had a chance to test the laptop that wouldn't even boot without any devices attached, we will report back.

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