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What's DOS?
Posts: 3
Registered: ‎11-13-2008
Location: DK
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Setting a Lenovo up for 3 mobile.

I want to use the 3 mobile broadband connection that I already have, instead of the Sonofon(This is in Denmark) SIM that was delivered with the PC. (A Thinkpad SL500)


I've inserted the SIM into the pc. 


However.. I'm getting quite confused with all the different ways to enter the network options on this system.


Somewhere I probably need to add an Access Point Name (APN), but I can't find anywhere to put it.


When I try to dial it fails at the ip configuration.


Has anyone tried this, or something like it?


What's DOS?
Posts: 1
Registered: ‎11-18-2008
Location: Sweden
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Re: Setting a Lenovo up for 3 mobile.

Hello !


You have solved the problem youre self.


Just enter the APN name "" for Denmark

you can find the APN name here:

1. Start the access connection

2. go in to the Location Profile

3. Mark the HSPA Mobile Broadband WWAN

4. push the edit button

5. go for the Wireless WAN Settings

6. Select WAN settings: change to "Custom settings"

7. push the "edit settings" button

8. now you will find the APN and put ""

 Close ale the windows and test if it works


This worked for me ;-) now I can use the 3 connection i Denmark and in Sweden


Please let me know if it worked for you ?





Paper Tape
Posts: 2
Registered: ‎12-19-2008
Location: Sweden, Denmark
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Re: Setting a Lenovo up for 3 mobile.


I've just recently bought a '3Bredband Kontant'. It works in Sweden but when I try to connect in Denmark no traffic is allowed. I get an IP-number assigned but nothing else works.

Does anyone have the same problem? Does anyone have any solution to this?

Any suggestions of APN-settings? I've tried '', '' and '', but then it complains when applying the wireless WAN-setting (errorcode 067, Requested service option not subscribed).

Thanks in advance!

Paper Tape
Posts: 2
Registered: ‎12-19-2008
Location: Sweden, Denmark
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Re: Setting a Lenovo up for 3 mobile.

...and today I tried "" as APN and it works!
What's DOS?
Posts: 1
Registered: ‎12-18-2011
Location: Denmark
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Re: Setting a Lenovo up for 3 mobile.

It seems that 3 / Tre has multiple APN's.


I found 3 in the provider list of the Lenovo software, but their APN is wrong for me.


For their mobile broadband it seems to be : (for danish users anyways)




I suspect this will be a problem for any random service provider.


I by the way had error code 068 but same error text.



I will just put this in danish to help other danes with the same problem:


Problem med at bruge sim kort i lenovo bærbare, blandt andet x220.


Indsæt simkortet med kontakt fladerne ind mod selve maskinen, sørg for at hakket i simkortet peger væk fra pcen (udaf).


Gør som skrevet ovenover for at løse problemet, men vær meget nøje med APN.


Fejlrettelsen skal ske i "Access connections", og vær obs på at det også er her man aktivere selve brugen af WWAN / mobile broadband /3G