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What's DOS?
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System Recovery on SL410

My SL410 was infected by virus and turned into blue screen. The blue screen indicated the laptop was dumping the physical memory and then restarted. Hence, after rebooted I could only access to the very first screen with Thinkpad logo then froze. No way to get into Win 7 save mode and no response on the blue recovery button. However, I could enter the BIOS. I took out the harddrive and it could be loaded on other computer (and of course I had got bunch of infected files). It shouldn't be any physical damage but just the virus ruined the Win 7. I didn't create a recovery disc for my SL410 but my cousin do have a disc for T410. I wonder if this disc for T410 is compatible with SL410? If the answer is negative, can I recover my thinkpad with a general Win 7 32 bit disc and then download all drivers & tools from Lenovo's official site? thank you in advance~

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Re: System Recovery on SL410

Hello and welcome,


I don't know if that T410 image will even offer to install on your machine. It might - and would be an interesting experiment.


You can certainly install from a generic Win 7 install DVD either 32 or 64 bit, and activate it with your existing license key - as long as it is the same version (home premium, pro, ultimate) as your original install.


You can then install ThinkVantage System Update and it will pull down the rest of the drivers and apps.





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What's DOS?
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Re: System Recovery on SL410

Thanks for the info.

I took out the drive, backup the files, put it back and tried recover the hard drive with Win 7 CD but no response from the drive. A friend of mine had a same problem on her Sony laptop. I wondered if there is any virus that can disable the C drive or ruin the setting of BIOS.

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