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Blue Screen Again
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ThinkPad L380 Yoga Pen Pro Issues



A few weeks ago I had issues with my ThinkPad and, under warranty, was exchanged for a new ThinkPad L380 Yoga (honestly, I miss my last ThinkPad).


My main problem with the L380 Yoga is the Pen Pro. I am a student and use Microsoft Word and OneNote daily, I never had any problems with the pen on my last laptop. However, the bottom (eraser) button on the side of the pen does not work consistently. It'll work for a short period of time until it stops randomly; the only way to fix this is to completely restart my computer. This is very inconvenient for me as I am rarely in a position where I can afford to lose a few minutes restarting my computer that often. The top (lasso) button on the side works perfectly fine and never has any issues. I tried switching the functionalities and the eraser worked on the top, but then the lasso stopped working with the bottom button.


Has anyone else had a problem with this/know a solution? I want to get this figured out before my warranty expires. Every forum I have looked at online claims that Lenovo knows about this problem but is failing to come up with a solution to help customers. I've invested way too much money in laptops from this company to have such a hard time finding a solution to such a seemingly fixable problem!



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