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Paper Tape
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ThinkPad L480 no video

I am the IT-Manager at our office and I have two Lenovo ThinkPad L480 which both have worked fine for a few months. Yesterday one of the machines got no video with a flickering mouse cursor. I had to hard reboot the computer to get video again, but after the Lenovo logo the screen went black.

So I did a systemrestore via the F11 menu and everything worked fine for a few minutes before the issue was back, so I had to do a new systemrestore and when everything worked again I set up the machine to accept remote desktop connections so that I could troubleshoot the mahine even when the issue were back.


What I noticed was that when the system got a new graphicsdriver for the built in HD620 chip, the control panel for Intel HD graphics stopped recognizing any monitor including the built in one, so the dropdown menu in the control panel for Intel HD graphics where you usually can chose a monitor or at least see the current one, was completely blank.


But as long as the computer used driver version: (2018-02-28) everything worked as it should, if I got a newer driver the no video issue were back and when checking the event viewer I always found 3 entries stating the following: 


igfxcuiservice2.0.0.0 cannot be found


So I had to rollback the GPU driver to the version mentioned above and I turned off all of the automatic updates for drivers to hopefully prevent the problem from happening again.


Then today I got the exact same issue with the second computer, so this seems to be some kind of bug either caused by a combination of Windows updates and newer Intel drivers, or something else. I feel that I can most likely rule out a hardware issue, but then again it's hard to say.


Both of the machines are running Windows 10 (build 17134) and both machines are right now using the same driver for the GPU.


Have anyone else here run into this problem?

Bit Torrent
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Re: ThinkPad L480 no video

Well it sounds like you need to find out who is pushing the bad video driver, because if it is not Windows Update, Lenovo Vantage or Thinkvantage System Update etc, then some other process must be doing so.


I assume you are uninstalling the bad driver via Device Manager, and checking the box to delete the existing driver software, so if the bad driver returns, some process is in play.





Paper Tape
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Re: ThinkPad L480 no video

Yeah, that is correct. I have uninstalled the driver via the Device Manager and made sure that it removed the old one, I am currently waiting to see if the problem returns again or not. Hopefully it will not return, but if it does then I have more work to do.


Lenovo Vantage is not allowed to do any updates as it is right now, so hopefully it will not do any updates without my approval, the setting for Lenovo Vantage was changed today so I will have to wait and see.

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