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ThinkPad L570 and BitLocker issue

2018-01-04, 15:43 PM

The organization I work for have been building ThinkPad L560 models for a while now using SCCM 2012 R2 and pulling down Windows 7 32-bit images over our network. The task sequence enables BitLocker on those L560 at the very end. During the setup of an L560 you have to go into the BIOS and select DISCRETE TPM option and then PXE over the network when settings are saved. All works OK. Recently we took delivery of a newer model we had never set up before – an L570. The BIOS allows a 2 way choice for TPM which I gather from the user manual directs one to select TPM 1.2 for Windows 7 and TPM 2.0 for Windows 10. We are still dealing with Windows 7 so I chose TPM 1.2 in the BIOS and cleared the key and built the new model using PXE to SCCM servers and the laptop built and BitLocker is enabled and the finally built laptop looks OK. The problem comes when I do a restart – it is looking for the entry of the BitLocker Recovery Key. Furthermore it is erratic in the asking for this entry – sometimes it asks for it and sometimes it does not – and it can be asked for on a simple warm restart or a power down and cold restart. Nobody is changing the BIOS so how does it think a change has taken place. I have also done the Suspend Protection followed a few minutes later by Resume Protection procedure but this does not make the problem go away. Here is what I see


The system boot information has changed since BitLocker was enabled.

You must supply a BitLocker recovery key to start this system.

Confirm that the changes to the system boot information are authorized.

If the changes to the system boot information are trusted, then suspend and resume BitLocker. This will reset BitLocker to use the new boot information.  Otherwise restore the system boot information.


So I put in the BitLocker Recovery Key and it starts up fine and BitLocker is enabled on C: drive - but when you go to restart or power on again it can start asking for it again (or not) but you can be sure it will ask for it soon enough on some restarts.

Has anybody come across this problem on an L570 ?


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Re: ThinkPad L570 and BitLocker issue

2018-02-20, 8:52 AM
Hello, we have the same issue, but after switching the bios to UEFI boot (instead of legacy) the bitlocked pc starts normally, no recovery key required.
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