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ThinkPad L570 cannot output 2650x1440p resolution on more than 41hz

Hello !

I have a brand new L570 with Intel HD 620 Graphics only and Idon't know how to get more than 41 Hz on a brand new 27" Acer monitor.

There is no option above 1920x1080 when I plugin the monitor (I'm using a Display Port to HDMI - L570 does not have a HDMI port) and I'm forced to set up a custom resolution. With that setting I'm getting the 1440p, but no more than 41Hz. Working on 41Hz is not a pleasure experience - my eyes feel tired after 1 hour.


A friend of mine has a a Lenovo with 520 Intel Graphics and has no problems running the exact same monitor on 70Hz 1440p.

He is achieving this setting without setting custom resolutions or anything, just with plugging the monitor and choosing the resolution.


- All current drivers are installed (plus monitor)

- I tried older versions of the driver-still the same thing.

- I noticed that when I disable the Intel Driver from Device manager, the resolution stays at 2650x1440p at 64Hz, which is great, but it's not a fix. After installing the driver again - the problem comes back, please help!

Is there a version of a driver for Intel 620 HD that works with 1440p monitors that I can use without issues or is there any other way to fix this?

Thank you in advance !



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