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Blue Screen Again
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ThinkPad R61 | Fan Problem



I'm using this ThinkPad of mine since January 2008. I have had no problems so far.


But, from the past 15 days, my fan has started making some weird buzzing noise. When the noise starts at startup, the laptop doesn't boot. It makes two beeps and I get the message "Fan Error" at the top left corner of my screen. (black background)


The Fan FRU (or whatever) numbers: 42W2779, 42W2780


What do I do? I don't know if I'm good at replacing the parts all by myself. I might go ahead and actually do it, if I find nice DYI's.


Your suggestions are much appreciated.


Thank you,

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Re: ThinkPad R61 | Fan Problem

I assume you have a 15.4" model, based on the part number you list. Here is the service manual. Look at it and see what you think:

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Blue Screen Again
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Re: ThinkPad R61 | Fan Problem

Well, I think i can give it a try. Thanks for providing the manual. Any other precautions you would like to give me?
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Re: ThinkPad R61 | Fan Problem

You can prolong the life of your noisy and slow fan by dusting and lubricating it.

I've done did twice so far. It keeps the fan running quietly and smoothly for a about a year.

You 'll need to take off the fan assembly per the instructions provided in the pdf document linked above.

Before you start get a can of compressed air, spray lubrication with Teflon (DO NOT USE THICK GREASE), thermal paste for the CPU and video chip and a very fine Phillips screwdriver.

Once the fan assembly is removed dust it completely with compressed air.

Then from the bottom spray the lubricant between the centre rotor and the casing. Make it spin to using the compressed air to distribute the lubrication inside the motor and rotor assembly. I did this twice on my fan assembly to make sure it was very well lubricated.

Dry off any excess lubricant.

Re-install the fan assembly.

Add thermal paste if necessary for the CPU and video chip when re-installing the fan assembly.

If you're tech savvy test the system before re-assembling the keyboard and case completely. And while there, dust off the rest of the laptop, specially the memory modules. Dust gets accumulated there as well.   


The lubricant I used was Liquid wrench Super Lubricant with Teflon by Gunk. It smells a bit, but goes away within a few days.

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