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ThinkPad SL500 Plugged in not charging !


My SL500 battery is not charging and I am getting the message that "Plugged in, not charging" if I rollover my cursor or click on battery charging icon. I have scanned my system for hardware and software issues using the Lenovo Think Vantage Toolbox it says battery condition is good and scan passed (no issues regarding software and hardware).Should I trust on this test?

The problem started when my laptop battery got discharged completely and my system got shutdown by itself (due to discharged battery). I was working till late night, so at the time when my system got down by itself; I did not kept it on charger and I got asleep. Next morning after 8-9 hours I booted my system and it was not charging my battery and system says 26% battery, but when I try to keep my system on battery it just shuts down.

I thought there might be some problem with my AC adaptor, so I tested with new AC adaptor and the problem remains same it was not charging the battery.

Any suggestions what should I do? BTW I have windows 7(upgraded from vista 3-4 months back) .


Thanks…Woman Happy


Blue Screen Again
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Re: ThinkPad SL500 Plugged in not charging !

First off - if it's under warranty send it back.  It could be that the charging system on the laptop is fried, meaning the A/C current is passing through to POWER the system, but not charge the battery.  It's more likely that your battery is in fact damaged and misreporting the results to you.


You could try disconnecting EVERYTHING (battery removed from th laptop, A/C Adapter disconnected from laptop AND the wall) and let everything sit and discharge for a few hours.  Then, plug the A/C adapter back into the laptop (with the battery out) and start the system.  If it comes up OK, power off, add the battery in and repeat.  If it's a simple issue, that will solve it.  Otherwise the problem is more involved and HOPEFULL you have a warranty.

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