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I re-installed Windows 7 after it crashed after some updates but the repair option did not work and after recovering I could not shut down my laptop without it installing the updates again. After recovering a third time I decided to backup my files and  do a clean install of Windows 7. Now all the Lenovo features have gone including the toolbox, Power Manager and wireless internet thing.


Is there a way to get those features back without taking the laptop to the shop for repairs? I have an SL510.


To get back the Lenovo features described above, users can visit the driver matrix for the SL 510 here.


Users can refer to this link to to download and install ThinkVantage System Update here:


After doing the above, run TVSU (ThinkVantage System Update) to see which drivers and packages there are available for your system. Once you are done with the installations, scan through the matrix again to see if TVSU had missed anything.


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Are we supposed to use the newer Lenovo Solution Center tool since Thinkvantage toolbox is "sunset"?

Or can one still download the "old" toolbox to Thinkpad SL510?

I also ask because the new LSC doesn't list SL510  as a model that is compatible with the new tool.  ????


thank you,



I have Thinkpad SL510 with no toolbox on it right now.  Windows 7 Professional.