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ThinkVantage System Update Disk Space Error Message

Hello, this is my first post.  I just reinstalled Windows XP Pro SP3 on my R51 after the OS bugged out on me.  I redownloaded and reinstalled all the drivers from Lenovo's web site, and then installed the most recent version of System Update.  After starting up SU it stalls at around 17% when it attempts to download "Lenovo Help Centre" and gives me an error message that I am out of disk space.  I find that hard to believe, since i still have 53GB of free space.


- I have all my drivers installed and my computer is not detecting any unknown hardware.

- i bought this R51 with the backup and restore partitons erased (since it was used), but SU was still working fine before I reinstalled Windows.


This is what tvsu log spat out when it got the error:


Severe 2008-07-16 , 12:54:50
 at Tvsu.Engine.Task.Task.StartExecution()
 Message: An error occurred while the task: ApplicableUpdatesTask executed the process: HttpsFileDownloaderProcessthe message from exception isInsufficient disk space
  Message: Insufficient disk space
  Type: Tvt.FileDownloader.NotEnoughDiskSpace
     at Tvsu.Engine.Task.Task.Start()
   at Tvsu.Engine.Task.Task.StartExecution()


Info 2008-07-16 , 12:54:50
 at Tvsu.Gui.CustomComponents.Step.set_Image(StepImage value)
 Message: Setting FAILED status.


Info 2008-07-16 , 12:54:50
 at Tvsu.Gui.GUIController.ShowErrorMessage(Exception e)
 Message: Not enough disk space.
  Message: Insufficient disk space
  Type: Tvt.FileDownloader.NotEnoughDiskSpace
     at Tvsu.Engine.Task.Task.StartExecution()
   at Tvsu.Sdk.SuSdk.GetApplicableUpdates(searchingFolderDelegate spd, showErrMsgDelegate sed)
   at Tvsu.Gui.Util.ProgressThread.InitSearch()


Info 2008-07-16 , 12:54:50
 at Tvsu.Gui.FlowScreens.Messages.ShowMessage(String message, String title, String mastheadtext, MessageType t, Boolean check, IWin32Window owner)
 Message: Showing ERROR Message: < There is not enough disk space to perform the current task. >


Message Edited by achiu31 on 07-16-2008 10:02 AM

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