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Fanfold Paper
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Re: Thinkpad L380 yoga

The Powerpoint / Office issues you describe are classic Microsoft problems - not Lenovo's fault. I've been a technician (not affiliated with Lenovo) for over a decade. The issues you describe can be fixed with a reinstallation of Office. If you don't want to reinstall completely, run an "Online Repair" from the Apps and Features menu. Click Microsoft Office > Modify > Yes > Online Repair > Repair




The screen flickering on battery is due to Intel's power saving. You can turn this off in the Intel Graphics control panel under "Power."


Windows tablet mode is terrible. Again, not Lenovo's fault.

Paper Tape
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Re: Thinkpad L380 yoga

Hi, I am planning to buy the L30 yoga this week. Just going through the portals for a quick due dilligence. I have to say, I am pretty scared with what I have read till date. Lenovo treats their customers like "NULL", unlike they treat their big corporate clients. The bottom line is : Should I buy it or not?

The  L series is supposed to be their flagship business models with good service responses but I got a contradictory image. It's like 80,000 INR in india (and for a young entrepreneur like me) is a pretty big deal. With other brands throwing the same type of configuration at lower costs, the only reason to buy a thinkpad is (and has to be) durability, trust and reliabilty. I don't mind dealing with small problems (as every laptop has them) but if the problems that my laptop creates are more than that of my startup then it is a big headache for me. Afterall lenovo writes in their website (about the L series) that "one thing less to worry about". 


Thanks in advance for your reply! 

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