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Thinkpad L540: Replacement motherboard and other options after BIOS update mishap

Hello all, 

[TLDR - details below]

I think I destroyed my motherboard the other day after trying a BIOS update. As I am reasonably certain I killed it, I am looking for a replacement motherboard, or rather a used donor laptop off eBay, to rebuild my PC. I then woud ideally like to put my drive and larger processor back in. 


I originally did the update because I wanted to upgrade to a bigger CPU (4712MQ) and as M.2 SSD where the UMTS board would have been; I have been told I need to update the BIOS before doing that. 

The problem arose because my keyboard sometimes has a stuck key; after the update, I was prompted to choose an OS, but I had not noticed the key sticking. The computer disabled the keyboard entirely, even external keyboards wouldn't work; lo and behold, I was stuck. 

In my naivety, I thought: "Oh, it's about to launch the OS, so the update must be done" and pressed the power button. (Yes, I know how stupid that sounds). Result: The BIOS is toast. 


What I tried so far:

- Rebooting: it wouldn't. OS only greets me with a black screen

- External monitor: Display Port monitor black as well, no VGA monitor currently at hand 

- Accessing BIOS with or without main HDD: I only get a blinking underscore, doesn't go further

- Removed CMOS battery: Didn't help, don't get any further

I have currently removed the HDD to be safe, because my files are absolute priority. I do not want under any circumstance to lose the state of my OS (if it's not already too late). 

I have not tried booting with the HDD and with an external monitor at the same time. I have no possibility to clone the HDD right now, and it looks like it's in good shape. 

[finally - my questions]

I wondered if anyone here has another idea that I haven't tried yet, but I believe you have to agree with me, that it doesn't look good. 

So if the motherboard is indeed dead, I will get a low spec donor L540 on eBay and graft my upgrades into that. (But this time I want to do it right. )

How would I go at performing those upgrades? I remember my M.2 SSD showing up in BIOS but not in the device manager. The i7-processor is used, but should be working. I have not tested it yet. Otherwise I have the i5 that is currently in my laptop. I also have 16G of RAM still in there. 

I would like to keep the Win7 on my HDD and install a new Win10 on the SSD as dual boot, if that is possible. 

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