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Blue Screen Again
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Thinkpad L560 Fan control

Hello Dear Lenovo community,


I recently got my new L560 Thinkpad and installed Linux (Mint 18, based on Ubuntu 16.04) on it.


Unfortunately the fan is ramping up quiet loud when it is starting to run, just to go down to an acceptable level after half a second or so. But that first half second it seems to run on full power which is actually quiet annoying. Not only to me but also in meetings.


As it turns out, I am not able to control or regulate the fan's behaviour.

Usually with the older Thinkpads I used to work with (ok that is some long time ago), it was possible to control the fan using the thinkpad_acpi kernel module thus having a virtual file in '/proc/acpi/ibm/fan' which allowed control of the Thinkpads fan within Linux just by writing level values to it. Another way was to write rpm values directly to the pwm file somewhere in the /sys section.


However, it seems that newer Thinkpads tell the kernel where to find the fan and thus a '/proc/acpi/ibm/fan' file is provided. But any values I write to this file in order to change the level will be ignored, same for the pwm file in the /sys section.

The fan-file constantly states:

level 1

rpm 257

The pwm-file is stuck at 36.

Even if the fan is not running at all or on full power.


It seems that the new models of L/T series ignore any commands from the OS in order to regulate the fan's speed.



I assume that could be fixed with an update of the firmware/UEFI (I have 1.15 installed, the newest, 1.17 doesn't address the issue according to release notes).


Maybe I am just missing something I haven't tried yet.


-- LePenguin

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