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What's DOS?
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Thinkpad R-52 ... What can I upgrade?



I have a Thinkpad R-52 (Type 1860-A13) that I am looking to upgrade.  I am not really familiar with what I can or cannot upgrade on the machine so any help is appreciated.  In looking at the cost at new machines, I feel I can get similar performance with a few mods.


Current specs are:


Windows XP SP3

1Gb RAM ( 2 512 slots)

55 GB hard drive

DVD driver

Intern Pentium M (1.73Ghz)

15" screen



I have a built in wireless card and a modem.  Some questions I have are:


- Can I take out the modem and add another device

- Can I update my video card to get HD output when attached to a monitor on my docking station

- can my video card, etc also be upgraded.


Thanks in advance for your help.



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Re: Thinkpad R-52 ... What can I upgrade?

1) even if you remove the modem card, you can't add a different device to that slot.

2) you have the Intel GPU, it doesn't support HD movies.

3) no not internally.

Jin Li

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