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Posts: 11
Registered: ‎06-17-2008
Location: Canada
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Thinkvantage Maintenance Manager

So for, I think, the 4th time I've had to use system restore to get this working again.  I've been to this link: and this is for the version I already have.  The symptom that MM is malfunctioning is that on shutdown, one will see a message to the effect that "awaysch" or something like that is still running.  (I no longer let it get to that point because I am checking MM several times a day to see if it's still working!)  If this symptom shows up, you will find you cannot open the Maintenance Manager by going to the Thinkvantage Productivity Center, nor by any other means.  I don't use MM, but my concern would be that if this aspect of Thinkvantage Productivity isn't working then what if the restore part of Thinkvantage is also malfunctioning?  So I keep MM going by restoring to a previous restore point.  Right now what I have to do is check MM when I first power up the laptop for the day, before installing any software, after installing any software, before creating any restore point, and before shutting down the laptop for the day.  And at random times throughout the day.  I've only had the laptop since June/08 and I've had to use system restore several times already due to this issue.  If no one here has a solution,  do you at least have a link to the makers of Thinkvantage so i can let them know they have a problem here?  Version does not fix it.  This morning, the problem was there when I started up the laptop.  Thinkvantage was working fine just before I shutdown last night.  ???