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Touchpad and trackpoint problems, especially when resuming from sleep

I am having persistent problems with the touchpad and trackpoint on my L530.  I prefer to use the trackpoint usually, and found that the touchpad was super-sensitive and caused the cursor to jump around during normal (touch) typing so I disabled the touchpad.  Next time the thinkpad resumed from sleep mode, the mouse was frozen.  Nothing would reactivate it.  I had to switch user, which temporarily fixed it, and then reactivate the touchpad. 


If I try and change trackpad settings at any time other than directly after a reboot, the settings are greyed-out and I can't touch them. Right now, both trackpad and trackpoint are completely dead again, but I've plugged in a USB mouse and that seems to be working, so I've given up fiddling with it.  This will be a pain when I'm moving around with the laptop though!


The OS is Windows 7.  Yesterday I went looking for the most recent driver, uninstalled the existing one (as per guidance) and installed the new driver.  No luck.  


I've heard this is a common problem and apparently installing a generic driver works, but I'm not completely sure what to use.  Anyone know? 


Oh, and I'm not sure if this is related, but quite often when I resume from sleep mode the keyboard is also dead.  However, if I switch user it comes back to life.  So annoying but not the end of the world.

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