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Re: URGENT!!! screen crashes!!!

Hey everyone!


The problem has FINALLY been solved... Smiley Very Happy

It wasn't the interter, it wasn't the LCD, it wasn't the backlight; it was a chip in the motherboard

Once the people replaced it, it's good as new now!!! Smiley Happy


Thank you Frank for all your good advice and help ^^

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Re: URGENT!!! screen crashes!!!

Hi supernike911,


Great to hear that you've fixed the screen problem, thank you very much for posting how you did it.


You're quite welcome for -- well, we'll call it moral support since I'm as surprised as anyone that the problem turned out to be a chip in the motherboard. Smiley Surprised I'd generally assume the motherboard is fine if it can display to an external monitor without trouble. But that sure wasn't the case for you! Wonder how common that is... I'd still think pretty rare -- maybe you really did have the zebra instead of the horse. Smiley Wink


Congrats again on finally getting it fixed!



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Re: URGENT!!! screen crashes!!!



I have the exact same model, exact same problem.  Replaced the screen and the inverter and still dark/black screen.  Was wondering if you know what chip was replaced, and if you can give me any details on it.  Also, about how much did it cost you to have this chip replaced?   It is so frustrating having to be hooked up to a monitor.  Thanks so much!

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