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Fanfold Paper
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Updated Bios whitelist - Please



We......the customers and users of Lenovo IBM products.....paying for quality

laptops etc which includes profit margins that allow you to support the products

we buy from you........humbly Request


To be able to upgrade our WWAN capable products to the latest Broadband technology

and speed, without having to go to some two bob rookie who thinks he can update a bios

to allow these new technologies to work properly and then you (Lenovo) end up picking up a

warranty claim for a flashed bios that went wrong. (being hard to prove)


We need to be able to use Wan cards that are not locked to a particular carrier

We need to be able to use the latest technologies for up and coming internet speeds, which have

now exceeded the limitations of your bios whitelisted products.

We need to be able to use our "WANN READY" or not quite wann ready products to their full extent.


What is so wrong with a modified bios to allow us to use your now only just recently superseded laptops

Not everyone can continue to buy NEW laptops just to keep up with broadband technology advances.


I currently have an Thinkpad SL300 which is WWAN Ready and wish to use a particular Sierra Card

that when inserted creates a 1804 error, because it is not on the whitelist. I cannot proceed until

removing the card. ie locked out.


I am aware this has been bandied around the forum circles but no one seems to have any real answers

I would be willing to pay for a bios upgrade that will accept my card.


Looking forward to any replies

lead_org Microsoft MVP Contributor
Microsoft MVP Contributor
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Re: Updated Bios whitelist - Please

lenovo won't be providing a bios update for expanding the bios whitelist, they would never do so at user's request.


As all bios update needs to be thoroughly checked for stability and compatibility, which costs a lot of money and i don't think Lenovo would do something like this to only benefit a small subset of customers.


You just have to make do with an external usb solution or ask someone in the online community to look into it for you (maybe ask Middleton).






Jin Li

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