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Upgrading the internal wireless card in an R51

I would like to upgrade the internal card in my R51 to one that is capable of N speeds.  I don't want to use one of those USB or Cardbus slots because I'd like to use the internal antenna (I just replaced it).  This thinkpad uses the Mini PCI Standard, and I've had a hard time tracking down N wireless cards that aren't Mini PCI Express.  Are these two standards compatiable?  If not does anyone know of a wireless card that would work for me?  Also I've heard something about Lenovo/IBM whitelisting their cards, so that the BIOS won't boot unless its an Lenovo/IBM card. 



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Re: Upgrading the internal wireless card in an R51

i think it would be better that you get the usb N wireless dongle.

Jin Li

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Re: Upgrading the internal wireless card in an R51

There are Atheros-chipped mini-PCI "N" cards available on eBay. You will need the "no-1802" BIOS hack in order to override the white list.

And lastly, mini-PCI and mini-PCI-e are not compatible.

Good luck.



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