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Re: Why is pcdrcui.exe such a Memory Hog?

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Hello All,

The pcdrcui.exe is part of the PCDoctor that came preinstalled with Windows.  Unfortunatly Lenovo no longer supports the PCDoctor.  Update to the Thinkvantage technologies and also the best way to stop the computer from having any of the problems listed above will be simply uninstalling the program from the computer.


Simple, Open control panel,  Programs and Features, then right click on the PCDoctor program and select uninstall.


The pcdrcui.exe will no longer run with the computers memory or CUP usage.


Hope this helps,



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Re: Why is pcdrcui.exe such a Memory Hog?

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But PCDoctor at least was the ThinkVantage and it's still installed both by hand or by ThinkVantage Device Experience.


I've never installed anything except ThinkVantage ToolBox (by PCDoctor Inc., v. 6.0.5849.23) on my ThinkCentre 3652-A16 PC, but there is pcdrcui.exe process which is probably runt by some scheduler, regularly eats up to 64GB of virtual memory, hanging PC completely. This issue happens every time I'm out of PC for a long time, like vacation or weekend.


Last time I've discovered it is this morning and PC wasn't responding to anything so I was to reset it by hard poweroff.


What's DOS?
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Re: Why is pcdrcui.exe such a Memory Hog?

this sounds like the best answer, thanks!