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Fanfold Paper
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deleting a pop-up message...



Recently, upon boot up, a small message window appears on the desktop reading, "user name and password do not mstch," etc. 


Do you know of any way to disable this message so that it does not return?


thank you


Dean Taylor

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Re: deleting a pop-up message...

can post a screen shot of this message?

Jin Li

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Fanfold Paper
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Re: deleting a pop-up message...

[ Edited ]

Link to Image




and thank you for your assistance!




Moderator Note: image larger than 50k converted to link per forum rules:

(@DeanTaylor: that was a tiny image in the corner of a very large blank one.  I've tried to blow it up and make it readable.  It this doesn't work for you, please try again but make the overall image fit the small one you are trying to display - and make the whole thing large enought to read. [edit] And you should probably obscure the information for security. [more edit] Fixed that too.)

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Re: deleting a pop-up message...



Welcome to the forum!


Could you share a few more details?  Which SL Thinkpad is this?  What version of Windows are you running?


Do you have a fingerprint reader on your system?  Client security solution, etc?


Have you taken a quick peek at the list of running processes in task mananager when this popup occurs?


What if you start in safe mode, does it still happen?


The more you can share on this, the more likely someone here will recognize this and help you remove this.





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Re: deleting a pop-up message...

[ Edited ]

Hi Dean,


A couple of weeks ago I had some adware show up on one of my systems, so I ran some scans.


I ran ccleaner's cleanup utility and then I ran the registry scan.  There were some registry errors concerning activex and the fingerprint reader.  I cleaned the registry, rebooted and that same exact error showed up.  I was still able to logon using the user account or the fingerprint reader.  


I then ran malwarebytes, it found some entries, I cleaned them out, then I ran superantispyware and it found more registry errors and a bunch of tracking cookies.  I cleaned them out and rebooted.  


Upon the reboot, that error was gone and hasn't come back.


Messing with the registry could make Windows unbootable, so take the above with that warning.  I ran the free versions of those programs, and I used the quick scanning feature of those programs.  If you have a regular AV program running, you should probably disable it or turn it off until you finish running the scans and cleaning the system.


I don't remember the exact registry error that had to do with that popup, but it had something to do with the fingerprint reader and/or  a user account.





Edit:  The free versions of these programs want to install extra programs and toobars.  Don't let them install anything extra. 

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