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What's DOS?
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no local connection ibm thinkpad r51 type 1836-OPF


I just formatted my thinkpad r51 type 1836-OPF and now i find myself serching for the right adapters and drivers to install but am not having any luck. This is where i went for drivers:

At the moment i don't have internet access since it doesn't detect my local connection. The only adapter card i can see is the 1394.

The most important for the moment is to be able to connect to the net then i should be able to find the other drviers required. My internet port connection has a green light and i also have a green light on my router port. Firewall is disabled and i tried installing different network adapters : 1urc13ww.exe  and 7ira09ww.exe  and for wireless

7ywc52ww.exe  but still unable to see my cards. Before formatting i had no problem connecting to the internet either wired or wireless access but now since completing the format i don't have an internet connection anymore and  I'm missing quite a few drivers and am confused as to what should i try to install next. From cmd prompt i cannot receive anything when doing an ipconfig or ipconfig /all. It's like the os down't recognize either the local network adapter or the wireless. I can howerver ping my loopback I also tried by-passing my router and going directly to my cable modem and still no go. Like i mentionned before the port light is green but it's like the drivers themselves aren't installed.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Re: no local connection ibm thinkpad r51 type 1836-OPF

Welcome to the forum!

Downloading the driver is just the first part of a two-step process. After downloading it, you must go into the appropriate subdirectory in the Win subfolder and run the setup file from there.

For your Ethernet driver, the path would be: C>Drivers>Win>Ethernet.

For the wireless driver, C>Drivers>Win>Wlanint

Hope this helps.



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What's DOS?
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Re: no local connection ibm thinkpad r51 type 1836-OPF

Thanks for the help. I'm all done. Just forgot to post back. Found all the drivers on the lenovo site. Just had to get all the right information since you have to get the right driver for the machine you have. It's just a little confusing but figured it out. I have an IBM thinkpad R51 type 1836 - QPF here's the link:


Then after it's simple just download and extract them to your C:\drivers\ and then install them from the device manager.


Works like a charm.


Thanks for the help it's greatly appreciated all the same. It's nice to see that people do help each other out and also shows how much forums like these are worth it.

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