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sl400 Brightness "flickering" issue



I am not sure if other have this problem. Basically, if I open programs like: VLC, Virtualbox, some games (wesnoth and others). The screen will turn dark. Not completelly dark, but it will not be 100% bright like I prefer. 


As a matter of fact, after booting up on my Gnome (using ubuntu 8.10 here) the brightness is not 100% either, let's say 70%, and that's about the same level of brightness well I open one of such programs. 


Any ideas in how to fix this issue? 


Please let me know if you encountered similar problem.



Thinkpad SL400, Ubuntu 8.10


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Re: sl400 Brightness "flickering" issue


It is known problem which  ive have faced in the past  too when i had Ubuntu 9.04. After googling a problem i found that SL laptop have diffrent brightness keys than true thinkpads Here is link I hope it helps


Here is other link

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Re: sl400 Brightness "flickering" issue

Thanks. I was aware of this problem with the brightness keys being "fliped". I didn't know it was also related with the flickering.


Thanks for the info, I will try this module. 


Just for future reference, I have installed openSUSE 11 and, by default, the brightness keys don't even work! (the wireless card is recognized by default, however). 



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