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thinkpad r61 fan grinding noise cpu running from 45-80 degrees

Hi all,

I have an r61 laptop, type 8933-A38.

I got the fan and cooling sink changed in september last  year, after i got a 'fan error'.

Since last week the fan makes a grinding noise. However, when I move the laptop around while it's running, the fan noise tends to slow down a bit, and then increase again. I feel there might be something wrong with the rotation of the fan, or maybe lubrication.

I sometimes also play GTR2 on my laptop, and just after stopping the game, I checked the CPU temperature to be 82 C. I don't know if it is normal because the cpu was under heavy load during the game. In normal loads, the temperature slowly goes back to 45-47 degrees, but the noise persists. Sometimes the fan becomes silent, but mostly its noisy.


Any suggestions? I'm hoping the fan is not gone completely, because it just got replaced last year, it should atleast last another year.

lead_org Microsoft MVP Contributor
Microsoft MVP Contributor
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Re: thinkpad r61 fan grinding noise cpu running from 45-80 degrees

the fan's spindle is probably running out of lubrication or there are foreign particles in the mechanical parts of the fan.

You can try to take apart the fan motor, clean it and then reapply some WD-40 and then followed by high quality sewing machine oils.

Jin Li

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