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Interchangeability of system boards on ThinkPad A22m - FRU 26P8105 or 26P8106

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Started ‎09-18-2011 by
Modified ‎09-18-2011 by


I have a Thinkpad A22m 2628-QSU 12.1" SVGA, Pentium III 800MHz, 4Mb video memory. I want to replace the systemboard FRU: 26p8105. I found a system board that is said to be compatible for use with my ThinkPad A22m on eBay, but the FRU is 26p8016. My question is: What is the difference, if any, in these two system boards? Can I replace the 26p8105 with 26p8106 without problems?



You can use either boards. They are both interchangeable. However, the 26p8105 board has lower specs. Any other A2x board can be used for a P3 CPU, including 26p8016. These will work as well, if not better, than the original board you are using.