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When should I use the ISO HDD firmware update program when upgrading my Z60m hard drive?

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Started ‎01-30-2012 by
Modified ‎01-30-2012 by


I intend to upgrade the hard drive in my z60m and have created the ISO disk for checking for HDD firmware updates. I also checked on my current drive that it works.


I intend to install Windows on the new hard drive using the restore disks, after which I will manually install updates for all the drivers and also all the files I use routinely.


My question is,  at what point should I use the ISO HDD firmware update program? I was thinking to install the new hard drive and then run the firmware update software before installing the OS from the restore disks. Is this right, or should I run the HDD firmare update after I've installed the factory image onto the new hard drive?


Updating of firmware can be done at any time from a bootable CD before installation of the OS. You can also choose to update it at any time after installations. There isn't much difference.