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Paper Tape
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Registered: ‎04-03-2008
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Wifi card cannot start (Code 10) with 4 port USB2.0 hub inserted

I could use some help with the following:
I have an IBM Thinkpad 390X 2626 L0A with 512MB and W2K SP4, for internet/networking I use an Wifi card with an Atheros AR2413A chipset. This setup works great but recently I bought a 4 port USB2.0 hub cardbus with a VIA VT612 chip.
When I insert the USB hub in the second (top) slot and conect a memory stick to it the internet/networking connection falls away. Properties in devicemanager shows: Cannot start device, Code 10.
When I restart with both cards inserted I get the same message.
When I use both cards in a Toshiba Tecra 8000 256MB and W2K SP4 they both work fine. So it looks like the cards are working fine.
I installed all the latest drivers and BIOS for the Thinkpad and for the cards.
My questions are:
Is there anyone with the same problem.
Is there a kown solution. Maybe some changes in the registry.
Could a program like CardWizard help.
Any other advice is also welcome.
Retired Moderator
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Re: Wifi card cannot start (Code 10) with 4 port USB2.0 hub inserted

Welcome aboard!
It has been a long time since I have had to deal with a Code 10 issue, but if I remember correctly, you might have to go in and manually change the IRQ settings.  I believe that these two devices are trying to use the same IRQ settings.
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Paper Tape
Posts: 2
Registered: ‎04-03-2008
Location: Netherlands
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Re: Wifi card cannot start (Code 10) with 4 port USB2.0 hub inserted

Glad to be joining ship.
I also thought about an IRQ conflict. But W2K SP4 should be able to handle that and actually doesn't allow you to manually change IRQ settings. Device manager shows both cards on/with IRQ 7. Maybe there is something I can do with the PCI manager in Configuration Manager but I wouldn't know what. It just reads Device 1,3,4 on IRQ 11 en Device 2 on IRQ 5.
I think it is most likely a power issue, since the Wifi-card uses (relatively) a lot of power. Using Configuration Manager I already shut down all not used ports (serial, parallel, joystick, IR and modem) and I also tried disabling the PCI power management in BIOS.
I'm looking for a tweak (registry) to boost the power to the pcmcia slots or just the slot containing the wifi-card, or to assign a different IRQ to each slot/device. Also I would like to try the Card Wizard program that was available for the NT versions.
What's DOS?
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Registered: ‎10-12-2008
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Re: Wifi card cannot start (Code 10) with 4 port USB2.0 hub inserted

Hi! there new to this forum. Yap I have similar problem with my PCI USB2.0 card which I installed in DELL Optiplex GX1P computer. It is detected and installed without any problem but whenever I attach My kinston Datatraveler DT100 it detects it and then gives the message that it has performed illegal function. But my Bluetooth dongle is working fine and my Philips webcam is also working fine. Mouse, Flash and other devices are not detected, or if detected does not function. Pl Help me solve this problem. One thing more there are no IRQ settings in BIOS, But there is an icon in Device Manager by Coomputer and in it is Standard PC and if u click it's properties then the following dialog box appears, Showing IRQ Steering. In the light of the above info pl advise what to do so I can use my USB2.0 PCI Card. Thanks.