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Error code PXE-E61 Media Test failure message after SSD installation


I have a new W541 and am trying to install my SSD. I get through the Windows 7Pro installation (Retail, my license), and managed to hook up to my WiFi.  But there is some driver installing that is causing error code PXE-E61 Media Test Failure.  It gets stranger - the computer boots if I use the power button.  But, if I use restart, Windows wont load and I get the MediaTest Failure. I cant even find my hard drive in BIOS.  But when I use the power button and the computer fires right up.


I think I could get by this, but the driver list on the Lenovo site serves up drivers that don't go to my system.  I am at a bit of a loss here. 


This is unlikely to be a driver problem.  It's more likely a compatibility issue between the BIOS in your laptop and the SSD's firmware.


This is unfortunately not uncommon. If the SSD's firmware takes a little too long to re-initialize after a soft reset (as in a reboot, or sometimes exit from BIOS setup) the BIOS can fail to detect it before it times out and decides there's no main drive present.  Without a main drive to boot from the BIOS steps down its boot list and eventually tries to boot over the network.  Since you're not connected to a PXE network boot server it throws that error.


The first thing to is check with the SSD vendor to see if there's a newer version of firmware.

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Sampas On 2015-08-05, 20:31 PM

This is propably a connection error, there is al little piece of motherboard underneath the sata connector preventing older "fat" ssds from sliding all the way into the sata connector and through this giving you that error with a bad connection, 


What drive do you have?


I was unable to mount an older ocz drive to w541 because of this piece of motherboard sticking out too far. I also got the same message. The problem was fixed when i switched to slimmer samsung 850 pro that slid all the way into the connector.


This seems to be design flaud with the w541, it has nothing to do with SSD firmware etc.

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