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How do I change the USB 3.0 mode in BIOS on W540 and W541 ThinkPads?


How do I change the USB 3.0 mode in BIOS on W540 and W541 ThinkPads?


On Haswell and Broadwell series laptops, enabling USB 3.0 mode is optional. The default setting for USB 3.0 mode is "Auto". In some cases, the performance of USB 3.0 mode may be more consistent when the setting is set to "Enabled."


Here is a step-by-step guide on how to change the USB 3.0 mode setting from "Auto" to "Enabled".


1. Boot into BIOS by either powering on or restarting the device and tapping the "F1" key repeatedly.

IMG_9767 v2.JPG


2. Tab once to select the "Config" tab.

IMG_9768 v2.jpg


3. Arrow down to "USB". Tap the enter key to select "USB".

IMG_9769 v2.jpg


4. Arrow down to "USB 3.0 Mode". Tap enter to select the options.

IMG_9773 v2.jpg


5. Setting choices for USB 3.0 mode will appear in a pop-up window. Arrow up to "Enabled." Tap the enter key.

IMG_9774 v2.jpg


6. The setting for USB 3.0 mode has now been changed to "Enabled."

IMG_9775 v2.jpg


7. Tap the "F10" key to save changes, close BIOS, and boot up the laptop.


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Bauden On 2017-03-13, 6:54 AM
After writing neatly, in sentences and paragraphs, I wonder why the board (aka forum), removes line breaks, and formatting. Could that be the 'Job Effect'???
Bauden On 2018-03-24, 23:47 PM

I see, some genius, decided to properly label the ports on the new Lenovo machines.  Was the W540 designer, Apple kid, let go????  Too late for me.  My  W540 is still a black door stop.  Also heard the P50's have a HD light and a real track pad.  Too late.  My Precisions are GREAT.

Kunder On 2019-04-28, 23:40 PM

The USB 2.0 port, is the rear one on each side. The USB 3.0 port, is the forward one on each side.

I added two, USB 3.0 ports via PCI Express card in mine. Now I have USB 3.0x4, and USB 2.0x2

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