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How to Disable Keyboard Beeping On A ThinkPad


How do I disable the beeping that happens when I type too fast on my keyboard?


When multiple keys are depressed on a ThinkPad keyboard at the same time this may cause the laptop to beep. This is a symptom of a condition Lenovo refers to as "Unmanageable Key Combinations". It occurs because there are too many inputs coming in from the keyboard at the same time.


Here is a procedure to disable keyboard beeps in BIOS:


1. Reboot the ThinkPad while pressing F1 repeatedly to enter into BIOS.






















2. Tap the right arrow key to highlight the Config tab and hit enter.


3. Use the down arrow key to highlight Beep and Alarm and hit enter.



4. Tap the down arrow key to highlight Keyboard Beep and hit enter.



5. In the pop-up window, tap the up arrow key to highlight Disabled and hit enter.



6. Tap the F10 key to Save and Exit.



    Keyboard beeping is now disabled.

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