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Is there a source for a repository of most current drivers?


Is there a source for a CD or other repository where I can download all the most current drivers all at once and not individually through the System Update utility?


You can download all of the relevant drivers.  from the driver download site for that machine. Keep these in a harrd drive folder for the whole lot, with sub-folders (named appropriately to describe the driver and version) inside of the parent folder, to keep each separate latest driver.  


There is no need to burn to CD..


Furthermore, Lenovo has a "DriverGrabber" utility which allows you to download ALL of the driver files for your machine. You simply need to know the 4-digit machine type.  This utility is essentially an automated tool so you don't have to download the files individually, but instead just "mark" them all on the list and then push the DOWNLOAD button (after having navigated to a target folder location where you want them downloaded to).


The DriverGrabber utility doesn't create sub-folders for you for each downloaded file, but you can create that structure yourself and them download one at a time if you want.  However even if you just put all the files into one general folder, it DOES create a CSV file for you that identifies everything it downloaded, so that you can import the CSV into an XLS spreadsheet so you know what's what. The spreadsheet contains all the same information shown in the program's GUI where you selected the one or more drivers you wanted to download... including the URL from the Lenovo download site to retrieve the file directly.


The GUI has a DOWNLOAD button, as well as a DOWNLOAD+EXTRACT button, the latter for running the self-extraction of each file into the C:\Drivers folder. The GUI presentation (and CSV) also provides an INSTALL command for each expanded file.


So DriverGrabber might really be what you're looking for, as the general tool.  The one target folder into which all the files are downloaded is referred to as the "repository".


Note that further down on that same page for "administrative tools" that DriverGrabber link was on, there are some other useful utility links.  One is called "Update Retriever", which is kind of an administrator's version of System Update running on individual machines.  In this case, the "master driver repository" can be maintained automatically with latest files needing download automatically retrieved and placed into the repository.  This program also creates an XML list (i.e. database directory) of the contents.


There's also a "Repository Checker" utility, which examines the XML list and allows you to get the latest versions of things when Lenovo provides an update.


Rather slick. You don't HAVE to use System Update, and these sophisticated tools are for administrators or users who are tech-savvy and want to have a bit more specific control over what's going on. 


Note that the "Update Retriever" utlity supports a "driver repository" that contains files for more than just one "system".  So for example, if you have a W530 laptop, Edge E545 laptop, and Mp2p and M93p desktops, you can use this utility to maintain separate collections of the most current drivers for each of these systems... individually.  One large driver repository folder, but conceptually the XML defines the sub-folders/files for each individual system whose driver files are being maintained through this technique.

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