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30" DP monitor keeps going blank for a few seconds.

2015-01-24, 15:17 PM

I have 2x 30" montiros:

1. dell U3011 Display port 

2. dell 3007WFP with active Dual link DVI to displayport.


Both cost in the region of £1300.


Neither will work with the think pad W530 + 2000KM, but both work flawlessly with macbooks and any dell with DP.


Only the thinkpad doesnt work.


The symptoms are this:

1. U3011: goes blank (black) for 2s every 30s.

2. 3007WFP Blank for 30s, flashes the desktop for 2s, then goes  blank again.


Clearly there is a serious issue with the thinkpads displayport or drivers.


Both monitors work perfectly if I unplug the minidsplayport from my thinkpad, and plug it into any other laptop with mini-displayport (have tried 2macs and 2 dells - all 4 no issues).


If I plug the monitors into the mini-doc3, they work fine, no flashing.  If I plug either into the mini-displayport on the lalptop itself, then they flash.


The problem is I only have one docking station, and have one 30" at work, and one 30" at home.  


I desperately need a solution so I can work at home.


Both monitors showup with the correct name and resolution in the windows 8 "screen resolution" page in the control panel.


I have also tried swapping out my displayport to mini-displayport converter.  Neither make any difference, and both work perfectly with any other laptop and my monitors.


The Nvidia control panel version is 7.5.800.  If I do "check for updates" it says "no updates available"


There is a simlar problem witht he audio through the monitor.  If I connect directly to the mini-displayport on the laptop, the sound dissapears for no reason for around 20s every 60s.  IF I plug it into the DP on the doc, sound never drops.  


Any ideas?




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Re: 30" DP monitor keeps going blank for a few seconds.

2015-01-24, 18:41 PM

Are you using "Optimus mode" set in BIOS?  Or are you using "discrete graphics" set in BIOS (which will also allow you to install the latest retail nVidia driver to support the K2000M)?  Try "discrete graphics", install the latest nVidia driver (not from the Lenovo site for Optimus, but from the nVidia site for the K2000M), and see what happens.


Are you using a short miniDP adapter and also a regular cable?  Have you tried a simple straight-through single cable with the proper miniDP connector at one end (for the W530) and the proper other end as required by your monitor?  I suggest going with the single cable, and avoiding any adapter.


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