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Better replacement screen P50

2020-09-14, 13:26 PM



I want to replace my broken laptop screen on my thinkpad P50 20EQ with a better screen. Someone recommended the N156HCE-GA2 to me. Is this compatible with my laptop? Resolution, connector and size seem legit. 


Thank you!


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Re:Better replacement screen P50

2020-09-17, 8:03 AM



Are you looking for a 4K (UHD) screen?  If so, Lenovo lists 00NY498 as the only compatible panel.  I believe it is a Sharp LQ156D1JW05-E LCD panel with an eDP connector.





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Better replacement screen P50

2020-09-18, 18:03 PM
P50 will work with almost any screen you can fit the connector to. I haven't tried the N156HCE-GA2 but B156HAN01.2 (FHD) and B156HAN04.5 (120Hz FHD) works fine so if you make sure the holes, connector and size matches it should work out of the box.

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Re:Better replacement screen P50

2020-09-23, 5:36 AM

The specs on the N156HCE-GA2 are as followed:



1920 X 1080


300 cd/m2 (Typ.)

Viewing Angle

89/89/89/89 (Typ.)(CR>=10)

Contrast Ratio

700:1 (Typ.) (tm)

Display Colors

262k 72% (CIE1931)

Pixel Format

RGB Vertical Stripe

Display Area

344.16 X 193.59(mm)

Display Mode

aas, Normally Black , Transmissive

Lamp Type

WLED 15k Hours With LED Driver

Outline Size

359.5 X 224.3 X 3.2(mm)


Matte ,Hard coating (3H)

Response Time

11/14 (Typ.)(tr/td)



Signal Interface

eDP (2 lanes) 30 pins

Input Voltage

3.3v (Typ.)


Operating Temp.: 0 ~ 50°c; Storage Temp.: -20 ~ 60°c;

Current State : In Production 



I owned a P50 with the FHD screen, also the P50 with the (non-touch) 4K screen. The 4K was my home machine, the FHD was my road machine. I could NOT use the FHD display. It was HORRIBLE on the color gamut (45% ). Even worse, when using the P50 4K and moving to the FHD screen it made me realize that Lenovo had two design teams working on these (I'm just assuming here, but the screens are two extremes of the spectrum). I decided to find a solution to this problem, and settled on the following 72% gamut LCD:


LP156WF6 SP B5






Screen Size

Pixel Number

Active Area(mm)

Bezel Area(mm)


Viewing Angle

Good View at

Color Depth

Outline Shape

Refresh Rate

LG Display

15.6 inch

1920(RGB)×1080   (FHD)  141PPI  

344.16 × 193.59 (H×V)

347.45 × 196.8 (H×V)

300 (Typ.)(cd/m²)

80/80/80/80 (Min.)(CR≥10) Left / Right / Up / Down


262K   72% NTSC

Slim (PCBA Flat, T≤3.2mm)

60Hz  [Panelook copyright, copy is strictly prohibited]

120Hz (60HZ Input) : Embedded MEMC Circuit

120Hz+120Hz : 120Hz Panel+120Hz Backlight

240Hz (60HZ Input) : Embedded MEMC Circuit

Model Name

Screen Type




Contrast Ratio

Work Mode



Used for


LP156WF6-SPB5 (LGD046F)  Compatible Model 39 Compatible

LCM ,   a-Si TFT-LCD

RGB Vertical Stripe

359.5 × 223.8 × 3.2 (H×V×D)

Antiglare, Hard coating (3H)

700 : 1 (Typ.) (TM)    

AH-IPS, Normally Black, Transmissive [Panelook copyright, copy is strictly prohibited]

IPS Family: AAS, ADS, AHVA, FFS, IPS, New Mode2, PLS, SFT, Vistarich


25 (Typ.)(Tr+Td) ms

WLED , 15K hours , With LED Driver



Signal Type eDP (2 Lanes) , HBR1 (2.7G / lane) , 30 pins Connector

Voltage Supply 3.3V (Typ.)  

Max. Ratings Storage Temp.: -20 ~ 60 °C    Operating Temp.: 0 ~ 50 °C   



BE REALLY CAREFULL! Some compatible LCDs are NOT compatible AT ALL. Worst case scenario, you will do TWO things! Blow your main power fuse and the LCD main power fuse on your motherboard. REMOVE ALL POWER WHEN SWAPPING LCDs, including your BATTERY! If you see a flash of light on your LCD and then nothing, you blew one or more fuses. Use LCDs that others have found to work! As bad things can happen when using "compatible" LCDs. Also, make sure that the part number (in this case LP156WF6 SP B5) is part of the LCD label. If the part number is not the same, it is a "compatible replacement".


The LCD replacement was probably the best upgrade I did to that machine! I could actually use both P50's, without losing my mind.


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Re:Better replacement screen P50

2021-06-07, 4:39 AM

Hopin all of you are fine



I am experiencing the same discomfort with my screen.

Do you mind to share the link where you've bought your new LCD. It seems that its part numb is LP156WF6 SP B5, am I correct ?

Thx for your help


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Re:Better replacement screen P50

2021-06-27, 20:08 PM

My P50 laptop fell in a hotel room and the 4K LCD was cracked. I bought an AUO B156ZAN02.1 as a replacement, which I believe is the model used in the P51 or P52 and has slightly better specs than the original, while fitting exactly as the original display. It is 300 nits, 800:1 contrast ratio, 100% adobe RGB, and matte. If you previously had a FHD display you need a different cable (not sure where you get that from). I bought the display from thinking-world on ebay USA. Make sure to ask the seller if they have the exact model you are looking for and not a "compatible" part. I paid around $250 back in 2019.

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