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Can I install a Vista x64 System on W500?

2008-09-29, 7:25 AM

My x86(32-bit) system cannot fully use my 4G memory.

Only 2.5G memory can be distributed by system.

So, I am considering to change into a x64(64-bit) syetem.

Before I pay the money for that,

I want to know whether lenovo have all of the hardware drivers for 64-bit system.

(I found few drivers marked 64-bit on Lenovo official site.)

Is there anybody who can give me a definite answer.

Or, is there anybody using the 64-bit system on W500 now?

 Thank you!


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Re: Can I install a Vista x64 System on W500?

2008-09-29, 20:21 PM



Yes...you can load Vista 64-bit operating systems on the W500.


When looking at the available drivers through the Driver Matrix, look into the README text files to see complete listings of supported OS and systems.  Some, like the Audio driver, only specify "Vista"...but when you look in the REAME file, it lists Vista Business 64 as a supported OS.


Just a suggestion....unless you have experience loading a system from scratch, consider purchasing the preload of Vista 64 from Lenovo.  a) You have to buy a license anyway, and b) the preload is guaranteed to work on your Lenovo system.





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Re: Can I install a Vista x64 System on W500?

2008-09-29, 23:07 PM

Currently running Vista x64 on my W500.


I'm having fingerprint reader problems, but they happen under Vista 32-bit as well.  I'm also having occasional graphics problems and BSODs due to what seems to be a buggy ATI display driver.  Don't know if it behaves better on 32-bit but historically 64-bit drivers are supposed to be better tested, and IME they often suck more than 32-bit, so who knows.


I'm more than slightly annoyed with all of the crashes and fingerprint malfunctions though.  I'm actually considering returning it to CDW-G for something else...


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Re: Can I install a Vista x64 System on W500?

2008-10-03, 23:40 PM
I had the fingerprint issues as well on my Vista64 W500, it seems the updated version of the software from lenovo update causes the issues.  I could not get into windows at all so i turned it off in the bios and then uninstalled the fingerprint software, rebooted and then installed the version that came on the system.  Everything runs smooth now.
Message Edited by tdesaix on 10-04-2008 01:07 PM

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Re: Can I install a Vista x64 System on W500?

2009-02-03, 19:49 PM

Hello "willianhuang" and "icepick"


I'm in the same boat as williamhuang. Unfortunately out of the 4GB installed, the o/s has only 2.5GB available due to the bizarre design of the ATI graphics built into the W500. So it looks like my only option is to run it with Vista 64.


When I spoke to sales, they said I would have to ship the machine back to get the Vista 64 and that will require not only time but also a 15% restocking fee!


I much rather prefer to get a preload of Vista 64 on DVD (assuming it comes with all the right drivers and ThinkVantage software).


Can someon help me here?



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Re: Can I install a Vista x64 System on W500?

2009-02-04, 15:11 PM


I'm running Vista 64 too. No problems with the fingerprint reader that I can tell.

Never had a BSOD.


I am able to crash the video driver at will by using a few specific OpenGL 2.1 programs, however the video driver crashes politely, Windows restarts it automatically and a balloon appears explaining that the video driver crashed.

Also still have some problems with the keyboard and questions about case durability.

Neither of these problems is Vista 64 specific, though.


Mine had Vista Ultimate, and I followed a clean install guide on notebookreview.com that explains how to backup the activation, install 64 and restore it, in my case using a borrowed Vista 64 DVD.


You'll have 3991MB available to Vista and it will eat all of them.

When I had 2GB, I had 1.14GB in use right after boot.

Then upgraded to 4GB, I have 1.4GB in use after boot.

The more you have, the more it will eat.


Actually, this is the beauty of NT.

After 15 years, this is one version of NT in which the principles and mechanisms that govern NT memory management (read many years ago in Inside NT) actually show off very clearly.

You can clearly see now how starting a new program removes pages from the other programs' working sets, how some pages are kept free for new stuff, etc.

Permanent balance.




W500 4062-2XG Gentoo Linux 64
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