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Re: W500 and the ATI Fire Driver

2008-10-09, 14:01 PM

Mark, others,


I appreciated finding this forum, and this thread. I'm also hopeful that issues with this driver can be resolved. I am enjoying my new W500, but it has been quite discouraging to experience the number of crashes (blue screens), or driver resets associated with the video hardware/driver setup. Whenever a crash occurs it is with respect to an issue with the file atikmpag.sys. Very frustrating when one is in the middle of something important.


I have been seraching for answers, or possible driver updates, but have been search with respect to the wrong card (Mobility Radeon 3650). I'm glad to find out that I have better video hardware than I thought.


At any rate, I would also appreicate an update to this thread when an update to the driver is available, and some indication of issues which have been resolved.


Thanks very much.




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Re: W500 and the ATI Fire Driver

2008-10-10, 12:38 PM



The 1920x1200 is the only one available here in EU, I've never seen such a screen.  Are you still having trouble adjusting? Did you try changing the font size in Vista's display properties? it would change font size in all applications... (and I've heard it scales fonts better than in XP). When you increase the font size in Firefox, is it still hard to look at the screen? Or is it just a matter of size?


What about brightness?


Being a graphics programmer who needs screen real estate but who also has ophtalmic astigmatism, I would appreciate any comment.


W500 4062-2XG Gentoo Linux 64

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Re: Help W500 graphics card question

2008-10-11, 21:19 PM

There is an updated Graphics Driver for the T500/W500 dated Oct. 8th, 2008





Let me know if that fixes anything!


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Re: Help W500 graphics card question

2008-10-13, 12:21 PM
Hi ,there is test BIOS for this and I think final will come soon.

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Re: Help W500 graphics card question

2008-10-14, 19:49 PM
the new bios + the new driver are both needed to fix the wrong name / non firegl driver issue, the new driver by itself can not fix the issue.

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Re: Help W500 graphics card question

2008-10-15, 12:33 PM

This just a bump for this thread, I think it is the most important issue facing the W500's right now as it seems to affect all of them and causes serious issues for anyone running 3D CAD apps.


Corey V


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Re: Help W500 graphics card question

2008-10-17, 19:06 PM

Piling on here - BSODs in atikmpag.sys with relative frequency while I'm simply using a web browser with some other apps open.  Not even doing anything 3d.


atikmpag.sys = ati kernel memory pager driver, as far as I can tell.  Not exactly sure how video memory would be paged out as that makes no sense, unless it is interacting with vista and the system memory cache to help speed up normal window operations...?


I'm running x64 Vista, for whatever that's worth.  I also have the October 8th driver installed and am still having the problems.  I'm downloading 3dMark Vantage right now and want to run it through some 3d stress to see if that increases the crash frequency or makes it easier to reproduce.  currently it only BSODs once a day, sometimes only once every 2 days but it is VERY annoying.  I can "tell it is coming" because the display driver fails a couple times and Vista recovers it several times before it finally bluescreens.


For what is supposed to be an ISV-quality video system designed for CAD apps, this is pretty freaking pathetic.  I'll sacrifice a few FPS in applications for stability, please.


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Re: Help W500 graphics card question

2008-10-18, 10:07 AM

I have the following display driver version: (release 2) and I don't have the BSODs.


What I have however is a very low 3Dmark06 score: 2661 at 1280x1024 res. Running GPU-Z and under sensors shows that the core and memory clocks are running at half speed (Edit: GPU-Z has a software bug not reading the clocks correctly). Configuring max. performance on CCC and power manager doesn't seem to help.


Any ideas?



Message Edited by veemexx on 10-20-2008 05:35 PM

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Re: Help W500 graphics card question

2008-10-20, 18:36 PM

I was able to get the card recognized properly by using the driver available here.  Autodesk applications are now seeing it as a v5700 as well.







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Re: Help W500 graphics card question

2008-10-20, 19:30 PM

That unfortunately doesn't help those of us on Vista or Vista x64.  :(


After having two BSODs in one day I got curious and started thinking maybe it was heat-related.  I grabbed 3dMark 06 and ran it and while performance was abysmal, the machine didn't BSOD during the 8 minutes of 3d stress, so I don't think it is a thermal issue.


As an experiment, I have the ATI panel set to use the "maximize battery life" setting even while plugged in.  Presumably this will run it at a lower clock speed.  So far I haven't had a single BSOD while on Friday I had two.

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