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Re: W series shipping thread

2008-09-20, 20:06 PM



I ordered my W500 last Sept 12, 2008 and got confirmation of shipment yesterday Sept 19, 2008 .

I called Lenovo rep and was told that I could not track it till  5 business days after shipping.

They ship via UPS and it takes them 5 business days to update the tracking system?

Is this normal for us Vancouverites (Canada) to get a "shipment history" instead of  to-date tracking system ?








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Re: W series shipping thread

2008-09-21, 0:04 AM



That's very unsual. I don't know why they would tell you 5 business days. Most merchants, including Lenovo, provide tracking information 24 hours after the shipment. This allows enough time for the shipment to appear in the courier's systems. I don't know if it's any different for shipments to Canada, but my ThinkPad shipped out on 9/19 and I had tracking info available this morning.


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Re: W series shipping thread

2008-09-22, 19:50 PM
I ordered 2 w500's on sept 12 and had an estimated ship date of sept 26th.  I called today and was told that I have an new estimated ship date of oct 10th.  It sucks that the date got moved by 3 weeks and no one contacted me.  I don't think I would have ordered them if I knew it was going to take over a month.

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Re: W series shipping thread

2008-09-25, 4:49 AM

I ordered my W500 on 9/10/2008.  Estimated shipping date was 9/25/2008. I got an email from the credit card services on 9/18/2008 saying that my shipping address is different than my billing address so I had to call my credit card company and change or add the shipping address to my CC file. I did it on the same day because I didn't wanted to delay my W500 shipping day. Since 9/18/008, I've been calling the customer service everyday, no exaggeration, I called them everyday to see if they processed the order and to see when I can get my laptop. No one, no customer service rep can tell me anything besides saying, "we'll talk to credit card department and give you a call".  Of course no one calls me. Anyway I still don't have the laptop and I'm actually thinking of canceling the order since I need a laptop soon. Think twice before buying from Lenovo...!



42X6338   SBB INT.CORE2DUOPROCT9400                 
42V8012   VBB MS WIN VISTA HOME BASIC                 
44C1269   SBB GEN WIN VIS HOBAS 32 US E                 
44C1924   SBB 15.4 WSXGA+ TFT                 
44C1922   SBB ATIMBLITYFGLV5700W/512VR                 
42X6309   VBB 4GBPC3-8500 1067MHZ2DIMM                 
42X6355   SBB KYB US ENGLISH                 
44C1926   SBBULTRA NAV(TR.POINT+TOUCHPAD                 
44C1917   VBB INTEGRATED CAMERA                 
44C1937   SBB 160GB HDD,7200RPM                 
42X6326   SBB INT.TURBOMEMORY1.6 2GB                 
44C1930   SBB CD-RW/DVD-ROM ULTS.SATA                 
42X6311   SBB EXPR.CARDSLOT/SMARTCSLOT                 
62P6054   VBB INTEGR.BLUETOOTH PAN                 
42X6324   SBB INT.WIFILINK5100                 
44C1928   SBB INTWIRELESSWIDEAR.NETW.UPG                 
41W1508   SBB 6 CELL LI-ION BATTERY                 
39T6442   SBB COUNTRY PACK NORTH AMERICA                 

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Re: W series shipping thread

2008-09-25, 6:09 AM



Private Message Mark_Lenovo on this forum.


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Re: W series shipping thread

2008-09-26, 3:35 AM

I called Lenovo again and they gave me a more plausible explanation for the delayed tracking information.

It seems, our shipment from China are consolidated into a big package and needs to get broken down to individual packages

upon arrival in Canada. I guess the 5 days mentioned by the Lenovo rep ( previous post) was a worse case scenario being laid out.

Anyways, I got 2 working days instead of 5, before tracking information was made available.


I am getting my W500 tomorrow and am quite excited about it.






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Re: W series shipping thread

2008-10-13, 5:07 AM


The T42 i've been using for the last 4 years in college's HD crapped out so I ordered my W500 on the 29th of September. I've been on a loaner laptop for the last 2 weeks, hoping it'd get here asap, even paying extra for 2day shipping.  I was really banking on it to be here by 15-16th so I can at least prep the computer for upcoming midterms. 

estimated shipping date until today was October 13. As midnight struck, the shipping date was automatically changed to the 27th. what is the deal...



Edit: my order # is  2D2TK4

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Re: W series shipping thread

2008-10-14, 15:54 PM



Laptop ordered 10/2/2008, shipped via UPS 10/10/2008. Order Number 2D3023


Appears in UPS tracking system 10/13 "out for delivery", should be delivered by noon.


Delivery never happens.


Called UPS next morning. Story is package was not on truck when truck checked back in. They have no idea where package might be. UPS says call Lenovo so they can initiate trace and place claim.


I call Lenovo and get somebody named Shrinka who is obviously not speaking English as her first language. 
She says to wait a couple of days and it will probably be delivered. I protest that this will do no good whatsoever since UPS have obviously lost package. She keeps up 'wait a couple of days' story. Finally I think I get her to understand waiting is a waste of time. She finally promises to call UPS to place a trace. After further pressure I get her to promise to call back when they get further information regarding the trace. I can't get her to promise any further action after this. It basically looks like it's going to be a LONG LONG time before I get a laptop.


I'm really disappointed by the whole process as you might imagine. Especially be the poor responsiveness of the Lenovo representative to the shipping problems.




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Re: W series shipping thread

2008-10-14, 16:58 PM

I have a similar issue with the delayed shipping. Ordered 9/30 and the date jumped two week this AM. I called and they never transmitted the order to the warehouse. "The highest team" is working on this but there is nothing else they can offer. They are "watching" the order but can do nothing to fix the problem on my order. They should be able to push the order through since it is their error. I have a promise from "Dustin" to call me later today if anything moves. Dustin was very nice but I don't think it is within his control.


This problem is discussed on one of the other boards.


Seems very incompetent for a technology company especially since it has been going on for a while.


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Re: W series shipping thread

2008-10-15, 12:24 PM

Mikeselld, I'm having the exact same problem. I ordered my W500 on the 30th and was given a shipping date of October 14th. Now the shipping date has been pushed back to the 27th of October due to "Warehouse issues". What a crock.


Did Lenovo contact me via email or phone to let me know about the delay? No

Have I been able to get ahold of anyone that can give me an actual explanation? No


What makes the problem worse for me now is the fact that I'm leaving the country on the 24th for a MONTH without this laptop, which I ordered specifically for this trip.


But do you know who's going to get the last laugh for this complete failure of customer service? Not Lenovo that's for sure. My wife is the VP of a small (50+) marketing and design firm that has all Lenovo products in their offices and most of the employees were given Lenovo laptops to use on outside jobs. Their budget includes funds for all new computers this next year, guess who will not be getting their repeat business?


Here's what I ordered:


10/27/08  $2,340.20   $2,340.20          42X6339   SBB INT.CORE2DUOPROCT9600                 42V8011   VBB MS WIN VISTA HOME PREMIUM                 44C1222   SBB GEN VIS HOPREM32 US EN                 44C1925   SBB 15.4 WUXGA TFT                 44C1922   SBB ATIMBLITYFGLV5700W/512VR                 42X6309   VBB 4GBPC3-8500 1067MHZ2DIMM                 42X6355   SBB KYB US ENGLISH                 44C1927   SBB ULTNV(TR.P.+TOUCHPAD)+FIN                 44C1917   VBB INTEGRATED CAMERA                 43Y3620   SBB 320 GB HDDRIVE, 5400RPM                 42X6326   SBB INT.TURBOMEMORY1.6 2GB                 44C1932   SBB TPAD BLU-RAYRECUL.SL.SATA                 42X6310   VBB EXPR.CARD SLOT/PCCARDSLOT                 42X6325   SBB INT.WIFI LINK5300                 44C1928   SBB INTWIRELESSWIDEAR.NETW.UPG                 41W1508   SBB 6 CELL LI-ION BATTERY                 39T6442   SBB COUNTRY PACK NORTH AMERICA                 44C1941   SBB LANG.PACK US ENG.                 41C9170   LENOVO THINKPLUS EXTENDED SERVICE AGREEMENT - 3 YEARS - PICK-UP AND RETURN
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