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P Series Thinkpads - What do you use them for?

2020-10-23, 4:57 AM

I am half-considering buying a P series Thinkpad. Currently have my T460, but the extra power of the Xeons might help. I would like to know what other people use their P Series Thinkpads for. I currently use mine for web browsing, Excel, some Photoshop, and am wanting to move into using Visual Studio more. Would it be practical to upgrade? Or should I just keep using my T460 for the next few years?


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Re:P Series Thinkpads - What do you use them for?

2020-10-23, 6:49 AM

You say "some photoshop".  If you are doing simple things to snapshots from a phone or small camera, the T460 will be fine.  If you are doing exotic color correction on high-definition photos, a mobile workstation may or may not be enough.  The same applies to the types of things that can be done using Visual Studio.  Port packages can be usable by users with very different needs.


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Re:P Series Thinkpads - What do you use them for?

2020-10-23, 22:44 PM

p1gen2 - Running Manjaro with LXD/LXC, Visual Studio, Meld, Filezilla, Slack, Telegram, and a dozen containers running at any time.  All of them are LXD which in turn run a number of development environments.  An old system that runs RedHat 6.6, Apache, and mod_perl with a lord knows how many lines of Perl.  Several others run NodeJS, Quasar, VUE, and Syncfusion.  Then I have two that exclusively run MongoDB and MySQL which provide database services for all the development containers.  There is one container that run nakama and **bleep**roachdb.


Two VMs, via VirualBox, where one Win10 runs Visual Studio Code and a bunch of C# and Visual Basic.  The other one runs Godot with the LXD container connecting to the container running nakama + **bleep**roach.


Chewed up 29G of RAM the other day, but never caused a force swap.  Never had the hardware flake out and crash.  Power connection seems to be really robust and so far the USB-C/TB3 and old school USB ports are holding up.  Camera seems decent though I keep the shutter closed all the time.  Speakers, well, yah....


Now there are some serious annoyances that should never exist.  They have burned a ton of my time and will likely prevent me from buying another Lenovo:


  • Fans - fans are either too loud or too slow which causes the CPU to throttle.  How hard is it to master fan control in 2020?  Why to they crank to 100%, then silent, then back to 100%?  
  • Brightness - from Ubuntu 18.04, 19.10, and 20.04 to Manjaro 20.04, it is really hit or miss.  Better than brightness off, it gets stuck with brightness ALL THE WAY UP.  Ay ya ya.
  • Fingerprint reader - doesn't work at all
  • Sleep/Hibernation - works better on Manjaro, but on Ubuntu I can't count the number of times I reached into my backpack and felt what was an oven.  At some point the laptop wakes up and the result is it baked itself in my backpack.
  • Battery - awful performance on the 4K OLED,


Lenovo is starting to hint at taking Linux seriously, but my experiences does not match their rhetoric.  I'd expect patches in all the distros, especially for a "workstation" laptop, in 2020.  


Otherwise, I like my p1gen2.  Fix those Linux hiccups and I'll never go back to Apple.



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