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Problem with installation of "X-Rite Color Assistant"

2021-09-16, 4:39 AM


  • Windows 10 Professional (admin account)
  • ThinkPad P1gen3
  • docking station
  • 3 monitors (2 x 22", 1 x 27")


  • After upgrade of software via Lenovo Vantage, the error was like this "unexpected error occurred "invalid handle to LCD device""
  • So tried to download the latest "X-Rite Color Assistant" (based on my serial number) from this page https://support.lenovo.com/us/en/downloads/ds540353-x-rite-color-assistant-thinkpad 
  • Then the error is like "unexpected error occurred "Failure to obtain internal panel ID""
  • Looking for some advise how to get rid of this problem :)


Actual Behavior

The following error pops up (and the app was working before the installation):


Expected Behavior:

No exception is thrown and app lunches properly.


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Re:Problem with installation of "X-Rite Color Assistant"

2021-09-16, 7:24 AM


I do not have a ThinkPad P1 Gen 3 myself, but I am wondering if disconnecting the ThinkPad from its docking station so that only the internal LCD panel is present and then re-running the check will solve the problem.




Aryeh Goretsky


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Re:Problem with installation of "X-Rite Color Assistant"

2021-09-16, 8:48 AM

In order to get XRite to install properly, you must first DISCONNECT ALL EXTERNAL MONITORS.


It will correctly obtain your personal calibrations, etc., and install properly, if only the laptop screen is operational.


Once the current version is installed you can reconnect your external monitors. But remember XRite only handles the laptop screen, which is what those personal calibration files from the factory were performed on.


Long story. I had endless trouble with getting XRite to install properly and correctly retrieve my personal calibration files on my new P17 with non-OLED 4K (4125) screen (which actually DOES NOT SUPPORT HDR OR DOLBY VISION). In fact the XRite program does not correctly start when I have an external monitor connected, for a long list of reasons. Still unfixed by Lenovo.


Problem seems to stem from the external monitor when connected being assigned Display1 in "Color Management" with the laptop screen being Display2. This does not happen on other Lenovo laptops, where the laptop screen is always assigned Display1 in "Color Management" and any external monitor, if present, becomes Display2, etc.


Apparently XRite assumes the laptop screen will always be Display1 and never actually bothers to check and confirm that.  So with the P17 the wrong Hardware ID is obtained by XRite, and it now fails to construct the correct ICC calibration file names (which includes the Hardware ID) associated with the laptop screen.


Just disconnect the external monitor, and now everything boots up and starts just fine, and XRite now "works" properly and my personal calibration files are auto-installed and accessed properly.


I suspect your P1 (and 4K OLED (4141) screen?) and XRite is experiencing exactly the same story. Note that originally the sales literature for the P17 did not state that the 17" 4K IPS screen actually did NOT truly support HDR and Dolby Vision, which I thought it did. Only the 4K OLED (4141) screens (only available in 15" size, e.g. in the P15 and your P1) did. Since I got my P17 and was angry, Lenovo has now actually revised the official product sales documentation to clearly state this limitation for the P17 and its 4K IPS panel.


NOTE: Windows treats the laptop screen and "Display 1" and the external monitor as "Display 2". This has nothing to do with "Color Management", which has its own independent device assignment scheme for devices that can have ICC profiles associated with them, e.g. printers, monitors, etc. And it is the "Color Management" non-standard device assignment of the external monitor as Display1 on the P17 which is apparently incompatible with XRite's blind assumption that Display1 will just always be the laptop screen.

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