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Question for P53 (preferably engineers) with external monitors

2020-04-20, 18:11 PM

So I am possibly in the market for a P53, unless my current situation in unavoidable with a P53 as well.


I have a spec'd out 16" MBP with (2) LG 4k Ultrafine monitors being driven. Seems like my fans are always at least audible if not a bit annoying even with lighter tasks. 


How is the behavior of P53's with a couple monitors being driven? Could you give some examples based on a range of light work to heavy work and how the fans react?


Insight on thermals?


I feel like the P53 is the light at the end of the tunnel and I just do not want to grab one just to end up in the same situation. 


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Re:Question for P53 (preferably engineers) with external monitors

2020-04-23, 11:50 AM

I usually use 3 displays when working (building energy simulations), two 27" 2560x1440 and either another smaller monitor or the laptop's screen. I also got a cooling pad from the beginning, to avoid throttling as much as possible. The video card is able to deal with my displays without heating up too much, even without the cooling pad. To be fair, the machine hasn't been through a full summer without AC yet, so I don't know how it might behave under those conditions. The dock is a bit warm to the touch. 


During light to moderate work the fans don't seem to run. I usually keep the laptop in Balanced mode, and switch to Performance when either running a lot of simulations or using Autocad/Revit extensively (or poorly optimized spreadsheets and PDFs). I'm not sure how it would deal with 4K displays. 


Specs: Core i7 9850, 32 GB RAM, Quadro T2000 video card.


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Re:Question for P53 (preferably engineers) with external monitors

2020-04-25, 17:48 PM

The difference in GPU power consumption for just driving the monitor, 2K or 4K or 2x4K is negligible, and has no effect on thermals or fan speed. 



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