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ThinkPad P1 Gen 2 - Motherboard Failure Due to Heat

2020-08-13, 21:19 PM

My P1 just sent out for its first warranty repair - the motherboard was bad. I have been having similar issues to other users in two cases (Lenovo please investigate, I believe these are BIOS/software issues)


  1. The battery life drains quickly when in sleep --> I will close the lid of my Thinkpad, wait for the red light to turn off (indicating the laptop is in sleep mode), and then put it in my backpack. When I pull it out, the computer is typically HOT. This should not be happening during sleep. 
  2. The computer, when connected to USB-C or thunderbolt-3 docks or HDMI defaults ALL applications to the Nvidia GPU (including windows start menu, explorer, etc.), The issue here is that when the computer is unplugged from the dock the applications are still running on the Nvidia GPU and this leads to poor battery life. Changing the power setting and forcing the application in Nvidia's driver or windows to go to the intel GPU does not solve the problem. I believe that this problem is related to the first problem. 


Please investigate these issues. Clearly a workstation computer designed for heavy business use, especially for those of us that use docks to work, should not have motherboard failure months after purchase. 


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UPDATE (repair issues) :ThinkPad P1 Gen 2 - Motherboard Failure Due to Heat

2020-09-01, 13:31 PM



I just received my computer back from Lenovo, and boy do they not know what they are doing. (motherboard replacement, trackpad replacment)


Issues from Repair:


  1. CPU/GPU cooler(fan) not screwed down at all
  2. No thermal paste/pad applied to either CPU or GPU
  3. Fan module not plugged in.


luckily, I was able to catch these in time when I installed my SSD back into the machine. 


Lenovo, your customers deserve better, especially when you refuse to allow competent customers to do the repairs themself.

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