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Re: W Series Laptops Shipping discussion (2010)

2010-02-04, 19:40 PM

I ordered min 1/26.


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Re: W Series Laptops Shipping discussion (2010)

2010-02-04, 20:56 PM

I guess I'm spreading some clouds but I talked to a person in Lenovo sales yesterday, 2/3/2010, about directly replacing a W700ds I just received late last week and at first he was telling me that the ship date if rebooked was the end of March and then he checked something and came back and said he had just learned that because of issues with delivery of the W700 screens they may be taking them out of the product mix altogether so a ship date was undetermined.  At that point of course I backed up and decided to pursue -  again - technical support. 


Another interesting thing about ordering from Lenovo is that they send you an email with the persons name and email address that sold you the system and say contact them at any time but  - and my W700 ship date was pushed 4 times - I was never able to reach that person again either by phone or email. 


On the technical issue just to be fair I accidentally ordered the W700 set up as a RAID0 and wanted a RAID1.  I never really loaded anything on it because I wanted the RAID1 setup first.  It was while attempting to set up the RAID1 that the problem surfaced.  From reading other posts I see that my problem - not being able to boot from the CD-DVD drive - is somewhat common.


I will say that I have talked to at least 5 different people over the past week in technical support in Atlanta and  have been basically pleased with all but one of their efforts but I would say that their troubleshooting routine should be improved.  My problem is yet to be resolved but we're working on it and if it turns out to be what we're suspecting now - a bad CD-DVD ROM player I'll let you know. 


We bought my daughter a Thinkpad in 1993 when she went to college and I remember being able to connect that laptop to the phoneline and IBM could connect to it and troubleshoot in that way.  With the technology today and the cost of shipping you'd think they would do some of that over the internet but I did not hear any indication of that being a possibility.

W700ds 2757-CTO

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Re: W Series Laptops Shipping discussion (2010)

2010-02-04, 22:23 PM

I ordered mine late December.  I'm a little different because I ordered mine from CDW as a custom build, who in turn ordered it from Lenovo.  My date was never pushed back, it was 01/28 from the beginning.  But they didn't actually ship it until 01/29.  It got to Louisville on 01/31 and has been sitting there since.  The last scan was at 12:39 this morning...so 16+ hours with no update on the tracking information makes me think that the current delivery date of 02/05 will probably get pushed back again.  The problem is that Lenovo ships it as World Ease which is the cheapest method of shipping international.  It also means that UPS is going to sit on items until they get a nice big batch and push them all through customs together.  At this point, I'm just happy that it's in the US...I choose to take joy in the small victories :)



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Re: W Series Laptops Shipping discussion (2010)

2010-02-05, 13:52 PM

Like many others, my w510 is sitting on a tarmac in Shanghai even though it "shipped" by "UPS 2nd day" on 2/1/2010. I doubt the delay is a routine customs issue. Possibly it's related to the trade disputes that are heating up over the value of the yuan. I wonder if Lenovo would like to comment on that.


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Re: W Series Laptops Shipping discussion (2010)

2010-02-05, 21:15 PM

Well I got my laptop on 2/4/2010. It arrived as scheduled, this time... :) Shipping time from time to order to arrival date is Dec 16 - Feb 4 (7 weeks).


One note, the mounting hardware for the second HDD is not included. I have sent an email to Lenovo about this. Response time is usually a couple days and the response is at times canned. Meaning the responder doesn't write as if they have knowledge of the meaning behind the question.


Second note, when I opened the plastic package surrounding the laptop, a small screw fell out. I checked the external case and all the visible screws were there. I also pulled the HDD and DVD/ROM to see what I could see; no missing screws visible. So either its an "extra" screw or it fell out of the case somewhere. My guess is its a MB mounting screw. I also asked abouot this in the email. I think if they tell me I have to send it in for repair I am going to feel offended.

Let's see, 7 weeks waiting for product, product arrives damaged. In my mind, good customer service would say "no problem we will be there at your convenience to repair this product at no extra cost, we are deeply sorry for any inconvenience it may have caused you." We will see, we will see.


Initial feelings:

Overall the laptop is nice. The case feels pretty solid and not too heavy. The keyboard feels good with the right amount of drop in the keys to type comfortably. I don't use the little knobby mouse thing but it works. I am truly satisfied with the ten key. It's been so long since I used one I forgot it was there. The design is really nice, looks cool; of course time will tell if it is user friendly.


I was sad to see that it comes loaded with MS Office even though I didn't ask for it. I had to uninstall Office in order to install my version and well whatever nightmares ensue from regression in MS Office versioning.

One would think that Lenovo would have multiple images to choose from and if a customer did not  purchase Office and Symantec and all the other gobbledy-goop they could just load that clean image. Like I am going to change my mind if its all ready to go? Come on Lenovo, you're just making more work for me.


So I spent most of the night installing all my applications and running updates. I was quite happy to find that with Windows 7 being so fresh and new, I didn't have to reinistall the entire operating system three times before the OS was considered up-to-date.



On the bright side:

The Wacom tablet is really great! Adobe Illustrator instantly recognized it and I was able to use it without any setup. Gosh thats not a common experience with computers is it? Well I can tell you it felt really good.


The screen is stunning, and I never use that word. I mean its freakin nice. I can look at that screen for a long time. Its really that nice.


I haven't loaded any apps yet so I am not certain about how the system handles graphics and large memory intensive applications.


Thats it for now.




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Re: W Series Laptops Shipping discussion (2010)

2010-02-05, 21:29 PM

Good going bro good to see yours arrive.... although your not sure if you need to send it back or not...... still waiting for mine from 6th of january ..... now its Feb 5 ........ then i am told low inventories... so i got to wait 4 more weeks.... to know if its going be shipped....


Just hope whenever mine come.... its doesnt have any problem were i have to send it back ... i be really @#%% pissed!.


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Re: W Series Laptops Shipping discussion (2010)

2010-02-06, 8:34 AM

My W510 shipped on 2/1, and arrived Friday morning. While it sat at the port of departure for two days, and in Anchorage for a day, it left Alaska Thursday afternoon and was in LA on Friday. After removing the stock hard drive and cloning it to a Kingston 512 gb ssd, it runs much better than my W500. While I am not enamored of the form factor of the screen, the color, brightness and definition are almost as good as my old T61p. The keyboard is actually the best since the early T20 and T30 series Thinkpads, and the lack of gaps that let crud filter under the keycaps is nice... the keyboard does not flex, either, even though it does have the perforated baseplate. The whole machine feels more solid and well built.


I also change the keyboard for a Latin American one I had pre-ordered, and doing that change is much easier than on the previous models, as is inserting memory or changing the HD. One tiny issue... the SIM for the built in Verizon card was not installed and not included. I have this feeling that it will take weeks to get one sent to me.

David Gleason. Every T from the T20 to the T61p, W500, W510. Current system: W520 4270-CTO i2820 8GBx4 (corsair), FHD(1920x1080), NVIDIA Quadro 1000M and 2 Samsung 830 512gb SATA III SSD.

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Re: W Series Laptops Shipping discussion (2010)

2010-02-08, 3:10 AM

Well mine finally left Louisville and is sitting in Mesquite, TX.  I should receive it tomorrow.  FINALLY :)


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D Re: W Series Laptops Shipping discussion (2010)

2010-02-12, 16:46 PM

When is W510 FHD Multi touch shipping? Lenovo : SPEAK UP.


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Re: W Series Laptops Shipping discussion (2010)

2010-02-15, 17:39 PM

My 510 shipped 3 weeks early

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