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W530 - how to reverse the colour calibration?

2016-04-17, 21:45 PM

I have a W530 with the wide gammut 1080 display.  I recently made the mistake of running the built in Pantone colour calibrator.  Now everything is orange - white is orange, blue is more like purple (e.g. skype window). I have 2x Dell U3014 30" calibrated displays, and the thinkpad, which looked close to perfect, is now looking terrible and is totaly unusable, even for things like word and excel, let alone photo editing.  Does anyone know where I can get a factory profile for this display, or find my old profile? Sadly the pantone SW doesnt have the abiltity to reject the sunset glow it has created.  Reds are now so garish it hurts the eye. Oranges are now red.  Its like the built in panton SW doesnt know its a wide gamut display.


I found an option under "control panel" - > "Color Management" and made My "Lenovo Thinkpad LCD Monitor" profile the default. Nothing changed. I have the K2000M, but currently I belive its only using the intel GPU, and the control panel for the intel graphids has no colour profile options.  Any ideas what to do?

Solved! See the solution

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Re: W530 - how to reverse the colour calibration?

2016-04-18, 0:58 AM

Your currently in-effect ICM color profile, along with other profiles that might have been used at one time, is shown by right-clicking on the desktop and selecting "screen resolution" from the popup menu.  Then click on the "advanced settings" link which will present the "Properties" window for your K2000M. Then select the "color management" tab, push the "color management" button, and you will be presented with the "Color Management" dialog window.


There's a checkbox on that dialog that says "use my settings for this device" which presumably would be checked, to indicate that an ICM color profile (from the list of all related ICM profiles for that device shown below) has been assigned for use by the identified display device shown in the dropdown list box.  One of the listed profiles should also say "(default)" and of course is the one which will be used, but you can select any of the others and push the "set as default profile" button to make a different one take effect.


As far as the "factory" ICM, these are located in the C:\Drivers\Win\Monitor folder, if you've ever downloaded and run the Lenovo Monitor Inf installer file and README for the W530's LCD screen from the web site.  You can get it applied by following the "manual install" instructions:


Installing files
12. Right-click on the desktop then select Screen resolution.
13. Select Advanced Settings.
14. Select the Monitor tab.
15. Select Properties.
16. Select the Driver tab then select Update Driver.
17. Select "Browse my computer for driver software".
18. Select "Let me pick from a list of device drivers on my computer".
19. Select Have Disk.
20. Specify path to this monitor INF then select Open.
21. Select OK.
22. Confirm the correct display type, then select Next.
23. Windows has finished installing. Select Close.
24. Select Close for Display Propertries.
25. Select OK for the Monitor tab.
26. Select OK for the Display Settings.


I believe your earlier ICM which was in use should still be shown in this list of profiles, although your use of the Pantone calibration probably created a new one, which is now showing as "default". But you can just point back to your old one and push the "set as default profile" button to get it back in use.


I believe the FHD screen on the W530 uses a default ICM of TPLCD95.ICM (at least that's what shows on my own W530).


All of these ICM profiles are stored in C:\Windows\System32\Drivers\Spool\Color.  You can also "add" a custom ICM of your own from anywhere using the Color Management dialog by pushing the "Add..." button and following the wizard, and it will be copied into this folder so that it can be selected and activated as the default.


I don't have a Pantone calibrator on my own W530 with K1000m and FHD screen. But I have done my own external calibration using retail X-Rite i1-Display Pro and retail iProfiler software.  That is the ICM I am using.


Here is what my W530 shows on that Color Management dialog for the LCD screen:





Before doing my own calibration, I had been using someone else's ICM.  I feel mine (filename W530_B156HW01 V4.icm) is "better" than the earlier one from someone else (filename Thinkpad_W530_Custom.icm), and both are "better" than the factory ICM (TPLCD95.icm).


NOTE: my calibration was made with (a) BIOS set to "discrete graphics", as I do not use Optimus, (b) latest retail nVidia driver not back-level Optimus package from Lenov, (c) brightness set at max 15 as I am virtually always running plugged into power rather than portable on battery.


For your convenience, all three ICM's are contained in this ZIP file you can download.  If you unzip somewhere you will then be able to go through the "Add" Color Management dialog wizard, and you can try all three of these and see if you like any of them.


This should allow you to undo the awful ICM you got from your recent Pantone encounter.  Note, I got a color sensor on my new P70 thinking it would be good. But it was not, and results were pretty bad. That's what prompted me to just buy an external i1-Display Pro, which has produced wonderful results for all my external monitors and laptop screens.

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