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Yet another memory thread

2013-01-28, 4:50 AM

Hello, first of all I am sorry if my English is not perfect but I am not a native speaker. Last week I have ordered a new W530 and this is my first Thinkpad ever (I am switching from Apple).

I got the version with 8Gb installed and I would like to upgrade immediately the RAM to 16GB. I read a lot of threads on different forums about the brand I should choose and it seems like the two finalists are Corsair Vengeance and Crucial. I would prefer the second one since I got a Crucial SSD as well, but I want to be sure there is no difference between the two. 


What I did not understand (I didn't find a clear answer), is if I have to completely replace the RAM the W530 came with or I can just add the two 8gb sticks I am planning to buy. It is my understanding that the W530 has 4 modules available.


Can you guys clarify a little bit better what is the best combination that ensures the best performance?


Thank you!


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Re: Yet another memory thread

2013-01-30, 7:32 AM



Welcome to the community.


The maximum memory you can upgrade Up to 32GB, 1600Mhz DDR3.

It has four Ram slot in this system. You can also use Up to 256GB - SSD drive.






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Re: Yet another memory thread

2013-01-30, 18:38 PM

You can also use Up to 256GB - SSD drive.






I'm pretty sure that is incorrect. 


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Re: Yet another memory thread

2013-01-31, 3:05 AM
i have 512 gigs Crucial M4 in my W530. I think the 256 gigs is the maximum option that you can get from Lenovo with the W530, but it is not the machine's maximum.

Jin Li

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Re: Yet another memory thread

2013-02-01, 15:16 PM

Hi Fab.   I'm no expert --- but in my general experience (not specific to the w530) you can *sometimes* mix brands and speeds of RAM, but sometimes they will cause system problems.  They will all run at the speed and timings of the slowest modules.  You could try it but then I would run a memory testing utility (like memtest86+) for a while to see if any issues come up.  Also, RAM problems are a pain to diagnose, so you may encounter system instability -- it works fine for a while, then you get random and abrupt BSODs, for example.  If you want the surest, safest, and potentially best performing option, just replace the existing modules.


I'm no speed demon and don't really focus on RAM chip timings of one versus the other; I think the two (between Crucial and Corsair) are so close (if not the same) that I'm not sure you'd ever notice any difference.  I'd say buy whichever one gives you the most memory for the amount you're willing to spend.  My choice was made by the Corsairs being on sale at the time for a significant difference (though I seem to recall that the Crucials had slightly better recommendations overall). 


There shouldn't be any relationship between having a Crucial SSD and Corsair memory other than user (your) preference to brand.


(By the way -- your English is just fine; in fact, it's better than many English-only writers so you shouldn't be apologetic about it!)

w530 i7-3820QM / 32GB Corsair Vengeance 1600 RAM / 256GB Plextor M3P SSD / Quadro K1000M

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Re: Yet another memory thread

2013-02-01, 17:57 PM

Hello and Welcome.

First of all, yes Corsair Vengeance works excellent on Thinkpad W520, and it is good as description. I have installed Corsair (CMXS16GX3M2A1600C10 16GB) 4x8Gb. If you want upgrade HDD to SSD I recomend you Samsung 840 Pro series.


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Re: Yet another memory thread

2013-02-03, 8:37 AM


I'm pretty sure that is incorrect. 

Indeed it is, what he is actually referring to is that you cannot order an SSD higher than 256GB from Lenovo.

In reality, the maximum capacity for an SSD that can be installed is whatever the capacity is when manufacturers stop making hard drives for SATA and mSATA.


I use a Crucial M4 256GB mSATA SSD. The mSATA port runs at SATA2 speeds instead of SATA3, but the difference in user experience is negligible.

I will warn you that installing an mSATA SSD into the mSATA slot is also technically not compatible with Lenovo's warranty, as it is in the Hardware Maintenance Manual as a non-CRU component. Apparently if you ever need to return the whole laptop, you simply need to take the mSATA SSD out beforehand. 2.5" adapters exist as well if you want to place it into the main hard drive bay.


I also installed 32GB of Kingston HyperX 1600MHz (PC3-12800) RAM. Both work great, even as a RAMDisk.

Since the W530 supposedly only supports RAM at 1600MHz, you can simply install them side-by-side, however if the timings or clock rate are different, all of your RAM will be slowed down to that of the slowest one.

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