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1080p on 4K display without anti-aliasing (P50)

Ok, so our math skills tells us that 1080p on a 4K screen SHOULD be as sharp as a native 1080p screen. However I can't seem to make that happen unless I use a virtual machine (VMware) and set it to 1080p. In this case Windows thinks the screen is 1080p and there's no blurriness whatsoever.

If you set the screen to 1080p without using VMware then Windows will use anti-aliasing which results in a blurry screen.

We know the hardware can do it... so the question is: How can we make Windows think the 4K display is 1080p (so that anti-aliasing is not used)?

Brgds... /Thomas

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Re: 1080p on 4K display without anti-aliasing (P50)

I think the issue is from having the ClearType smoothing.  You can not fully disable it via windows settings.  Try to use  "ClearType Switch" software. It will fully disable font smoothing and everything becomes super sharp.


I don't have 4K screen.  I have FHD screen, but still, I disable clear type because I really really enjoy seeing sharp pixels like old days! It may look ugly but it prevents my eyes become tired.


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Re: 1080p on 4K display without anti-aliasing (P50)

For graphics 4K screen running at 1080p is perfect, as math skills suggest. However, for text rendering ClearType treats 1920x1080 as 5760x1080 RGB pixel elements.


Adjust ClearType settings using the wizard or disable it altogether. It will not look exactly the same as 1080p with ClearType, but you may find settings that are looking better than others (and better than completely disabling ClearType).



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