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Paper Tape
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2 4k P1s both with backlight bleeding

i have 2 P1s both with the 4k screen, and was disappointed that both came with a quite bit of backlight bleed on the top of the screen at almost the exact same spot the 2 corners and a spot in the middle . I do some graphics work and black backgrounds shows up pretty often so it can get annoying to look at. I think the bleed is caused by a bad housing design since it appears almost the same on both displays, but at this price point the screen really should not have this problem. It's a shame since the screen itself is quite a beautiful screen.


i don't know if all p1s are like this, does any other p1 owners also see this or am i just unlucky and got 2 laptop with bad screens?


A one laptop also flickers when discrete graphics is set in the bios, but i think that's a software/firmware problem.


and both have coilwhine, with one being louder/more noticeable than the other.


i used thinkpads for years and I really want to like this laptop, but it just feels like lenovo's quality control is just not good anymore espically for the price of those laptops. i hope lenovo can do better in the future.



Fanfold Paper
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Re: 2 4k P1s both with backlight bleeding

My first P72 had the same level of backlight bleed. Tech was on site and removed the LCD bezel and the bleed did not go away.

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