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Punch Card
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AC adapter/Power Cord for use in Europe

Hi All,


I have a Thinkpad W500 with a 90W AC adapter (for use in the US). I'd like to know whether by buying a power cord for use in Europe from a third party seller will I be able to use my notebook (with the same 90W AC adapter) in Europe.



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Re: AC adapter/Power Cord for use in Europe

Yes you will.


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Re: AC adapter/Power Cord for use in Europe



Is US-to-EU type plug sufficient for converting AC adapter power cord (that has US type plug) to be suitable for European users?

US-to-EU plug would be like this one:

Or is it necessary to buy the whole power cord provided by Lenovo that is suitable for use in Europe so the AC adapter would function properly? The AC adapter is 170W (provided with ThinkPad W520; laptop was bought in US).


Thank you.

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Re: AC adapter/Power Cord for use in Europe

Hi and welcome to the forum tandem3,

It's a worldwide adapter per lenovo specifications:-

Lenovo adapter that says 100-240V input can be safely plugged into a wall outlet using travel plug. I've a US adapter that plugs directly into wall outlet.

Hope this helps.


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Re: AC adapter/Power Cord for use in Europe

I have a similar question - I see the adaptor does say 100-240V on it, but then the plug that comes with it says on it 125V. Can that be plugged in without a transformer in 240V?

Paper Tape
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Re: AC adapter/Power Cord for use in Europe

I have used my US adapter in various countries without any problems at all. It's the amperage that the wire needs to be able to handle, and that's generally about 10amps in most places.

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