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Fanfold Paper
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ATT Wireless Card..Not working...

To start out, I guess I better give you the basics....

First of all, I probably have the same computer know how as a 3rd grader!!! So please explain REEEEAAAALLLL slow!!!


I have a-


Type 4058-CTO

Windows 7 (32-bit)that I upgraded from the original windows XP(professional downgrade)

Built in ATT Wireless card from Lenovo


So here's the problem,

2 days ago as I'm using the internet on the wireless card I get kicked off due to lack of reception (I'm Guessing). As I pulled up the access connections menu by clicking on the little icon that shows signal strength on bottom towards right, it came up and had the little cell tower flashing like usual. But, I noticed as I went to click on it the info box that usually pops up that says ATT Wireless Broadband now was reading something else like nothing found or no signal or something of that nature...  as I looked at it puzzled I continued to click on it and it booted me off the "mobile broadband" screen and now has me locked into the "Wi-Fi" screen only..I can't manually move the blue dot to the other screen either. So I figured, No big deal..I'll just pull down from the"location menu" to connect. Now I'm really screwed, I can pick the ATT wireless broadband as an option, but the "connect" box turns from black to a dark gray and its like it doesn't exist!!! I can click a thousand times and it wont even twitch!!!


So, I called ATT and dealt with them for an hour and twenty minutes trying everything that they possibly knew...which wasn't much... To find that they have no idea!!! They say "Call Lenovo". That would possibly of worked but of coarse my warranty just expired and I don't think that they would tell me where on/off button was unless I paid them Smiley Happy


They mentioned in the 3 attempts of pleading to them possibly check the drivers...which I have no idea how to do..I also have no error messages of any sorts.


Please HELP,


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