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Accessing the BIOS on a Lenovo Thinkpad W541

I have a brand new Lenovo W541.  It has Windows 10 installed.  I am trying to access the BIOS to make some changes in the settings in BIOS.  However when I pressthe F1 key during boot, it just ignores it and continues on with the normal boot process.  I have tried to use Fn+F1 and just the F1 key and neither work.  Is there any other way to get into the BIOS if that key combination does not work?  Any help will be appreciated.

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Re: Accessing the BIOS on a Lenovo Thinkpad W541

Hello and welcome,


There are several ways to access the BIOS on that machine.


My guess is that you're trying to get there from a "normal" shutdown and startup.  That's not available if Win 10 fast startup is enabled, since "normal" is more like hibernation.  Hardware settings should not be changed in that state.


Try F12 from a restart or a true cold startup (SHIFT + shutdown, the start up).  That should get you to a page where you can tab to Applications and select Setup.


You can also use Advanced Startup options from within windows.



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Re: Accessing the BIOS on a Lenovo Thinkpad W541

The reason why you cannot get to the BIOS with F1 is that the BIOS POST is very quick and you can't press F1 fast enough.


There is a much easier way from Windows.


1) Start Menu

2) Select the Settings icon (gear)

3) Select  Update & Security

4) Select  Recovery

5) Select  Restart now

6) Select  Troubleshoot

7) Select  Advance Options

8) Select  UEFI Firmware Settings (or it might say BIOS)

9) Select  Restart to reboot into the BIOS


The system should reboot into the BIOS settings


Note also that on most newer ThinkPads, press Enter is a better way to enter BIOS and other options

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