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Paper Tape
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Any reviews for P50 FHD touchscreen?

I'm about to order a P50, and I've seen the terrible reviews for the FHD and UHD displays, but not a lot about the FHD touchscreen.  Does the touchscreen use a different display than the regular FHD model, or is it the same display with a capacitive sheet on top?

Bit Torrent
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Betreff: Any reviews for P50 FHD touchscreen?

The same displays as non-touch just with the glass and touch sensor on top of it.

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Re: Any reviews for P50 FHD touchscreen?

I have P50 FHD Touch with Pen. I never seen P50 with UHD OR FHD none touch display, so I have no idea if FHD touch is better or worst, I am just writing my experience with my device with hope it can help.   I use my P50 with a 27 inch WQHD Dell monitor. I also have Surface Pro 2. Now lets compare their screen together. 


Dell monitor have factory calibrated IPS full  Matt screen.  I use it with 0% brightness at night and 50% brightness at day time. ( 100% is too much). Text are sharp and picture looks Nice.  Black  color appear good.


Surface Pro have 100% glossy IPS screen.  I use it with 75% brightness at day time and 0% brightness at dim room at night. outside I use it with 100% brightness.  Black  color always appear black but glossy screen is very uncomfortable to use at outside. I will never buy a tablet or phone with glossy screen again!


P50 FHD screen is IPS screen too. I was expecting Touch screen at p50 is 100% glossy.  I become very surprise when I saw it is about 30% Matt. That 30% Matt makes lots of difference.  it is enough  comfortable to be used. 100% Matt should be even better. but I love  touch and I need it.  I use p50 screen with 75% brightness at day and 25% brightness at night.  By default P50 screen is warm. I tried to calibrate it with p50 color sensor but result was even more warm!.  I am not a photographer and I can not comment if warm screen is good or bad!. I just expect white color to appear white. I could fix it manually. I simply placed a window half at P50 screen and half at Dell monitor screen. then I adjusted screen color on p50 until window become white same as external monitor.  I can say there is no difference between p50 screen and dell monitor.  I also dont see any light bleeding at corner, or screen blinking when I use it at 0% brightness at night. I am not sure if I am lucky or it is same for everyone. Overall I am very happy with p50 screen because I mostly use it indoor. FHD screen on p50 have close DPI to my 27 inch WQHD monitor. there is no DPI scaling issue which is important for me due to remote desktop and VM usage.


Im sure P50 could come with much better screen but from my view it is good for indoor usage.  However p50 screen is not nice for outdoor usage. The issue is not about amount of screen brightness. Somehow black background turn into gray  at outside. for example screen become washed out inside car because all black color appear gray!.  My SP2 screen dont have this problem, but dont think SP2 screen is better. it is also bad due to having 100% glossy screen. It is not good idea to show off your p50 screen to some one at open air,However good news is, it is not something to stop you to do the real work!


I know most people hate Touch but I found it very good.  It come handy when I  use P50 on my lap Or inside car. I also need it for testing Web development or Android app via emulator.  Pen also works great. It is same wacom pen on P40. You can customize buttons if needed. I dont paint with pen. I use it as mouse replacement. It is very useful to move and edit 3d object at  3d programs where you can not use the mouse ( such as on lap)


Will I buy P50 with FHD Touch screen again despite knowing all the issue it have? Answer is YES unless there is a P50+ with Amo LED MATT screen =)

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